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Who found that mosquitoes bring malaria?

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Sachin Tendulkar found it.

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Why would eliminating the anopheles misquito bring malaria under control?

That's a kind of mosquito that spreads malaria. Mosquitoes are the cause of malaria.

What are the types of mosquitoes?

malaria mosquitoes

What in mosquitoes causes malaria?

Malaria causes Malaria... Idiot.

How do you get malaria and dengue?

we get malaria and dengue by mosquitoes

Where did malaria come from?

Malaria comes from mosquitoes that infect people. Malaria can be found in sub-tropical regions where the temperature is the key factor of it's survival.

What is the difference between dengue mosquitoes and mosquitoes carrying malaria?

The difference is just that - the disease the insects are carrying. Dengue mosquitoes are vectors for various types of dengue, and mosquitoes carrying malaria can infect you with malaria.

What disease starting with M do mosquitoes carry?

Mosquitoes are the prime vector in the spread of Malaria.Malaria

Symbiotic relationship between malaria and mosquitoes?

Commensalism is the symbiotic relationship between malaria and mosquitoes!

Do all mosquitoes carry malaria?

Only female mosquitoes of the Anopheles genus transmit Malaria.

Malaria and mosquitoes relationship?

Mosquitoes bite people with Malaria and then bite a person without Malaria and introduce it into the new person's blood when they inject their anticoagulant to keep the blood liquid while feeding. Mosquitoes are a "vector" for Malaria.

What is the danger of breeding mosquitoes?

It could bring dengue fever, malaria and much more harmful diseases.

Do cockroaches carry malaria?

No. Malaria is carried by mosquitoes.

The of malaria is a mosquito?

Yes, malaria is carried by mosquitoes.

Why do malaria mosquitoes bite?

in order to spread malaria

Where do mosquitoes pick up malaria?

Mosquitoes get the protozoa that cause malaria from animals they bite that are infected with the protozoa.

What kind of miquitoes cause malaria?

They are called Anopheles mosquitoes. Found mostly in Africa.

Dr Ross knew that the parasite Plasmodium was always found in the blood of malaria patients He thought that if the Anopheles mosquitoes were responsible for spreading malaria then Plasmodium would?

English physician Doctor Ronald Ross knew the he parasite plasmodium was always found in the blood of malaria patients. Therefore, he knew plasmodium would be found in the mosquitoes.

Malaria is transmitted by what?


What types of mosquitoes are in the Caribbean?

The types of mosquitoes in the Caribbean are the Anopheles. These types of insects cause Malaria. Malaria will kill you.

What treatment for malaria?

malaria is an illness that comes from? the bite of mosquitoes.

Where do you catch malaria?

Malaria comes from mosquitoes in the tropical areas.

How does malaria spread?

Malaria is spread by female mosquitoes. The parasite which causes malaria is found in the female mosquitoes saliva. When a person is bitten by a female mosquito, the parasite enters the bloodstream via the mosquitoes saliva. However, there are also other ways for malaria to be spread. A pregnant woman can pass malaria onto her baby. Someone using a needle that has been used by a person with malaria can infect that person. Having a blood transfusion from someone who has malaria can also pass it on to someone careful.

Can you find malaria in the uk?

no because malaria is only transfer ed through mosquitoes... if someone else had malaria and comes back to England with it then yes . There ARE mosquitoes in the UK. They DO NOT carry the malaria parasite.

Do mosquitoes carry Malaria?

Depending on where you are Yes Mosquitoes carry malaria and are responsible for the spread of a number of other illnesses as well.

Who invented that malaria is spread by mosquitoes?

In 1898, Sir Ronald Ross proved that malaria was being transmitted to humans by mosquitoes.