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Iraq is one of the oldest inhabited places in the world, beginning with the Sumerian civilization. It gained independence from Great Britain in 1932.


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Baghdad was founded as a new city in 763 at its present location in Iraq.

It was founded on March 22, 1945 by the Alexandria Protocol by the five founding members: Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, and Lebanon.

Babylon is located in Iraq. It was Akkadian city state founded in 1867 BC.

OPEC was founded in Baghdad in 1960. Iraq is already an OPEC country.

The Baha'i Faith was founded in Persia (Iran) in 1844. Baha'u'llah (ie., "Glory of God") publicly proclaimed His station as the latest anointed Messenger of God from Baghdad in Iraq in 1863.

The Kingdom of Iraq was administered under British rule in 1921 following the Iraqi Revolt in 1920. Faisal ibn Husayn was appointed to rule the kingdom along with the British who retained military control until 1932.

what event promoted the Persian gulf war? A. Iraq invaded Kuwait B. Saddam Hussein came to power in Iraq C. The 9/11 attack D. Osama Bin Laden founded the terrorists network al-Qaeda Answer: A. Iraq invaded Kuwait

Islamic State is the successor organization to al-Qaeda Iraq when that organization split off from al-Qaeda and decided to create a paramilitary state in northeastern Syria in 2013 and then allied with the former Baathists in Iraq to conquer a large swath of the Iraqi northwest in 2014. Al-Qaeda Iraq was founded in 1999 and became infamous for terrorist attacks in Iraq in 2003.

The War in Iraq is in Iraq is a tautology. The reason it is called the Iraq War is specifically because it is in Iraq.

Iraq is not in a country. Iraq IS a country.

TeleTech is a company that was founded in 2002. It specializes in the field of telecommunications and operates in a number of countries including Egypt, Algeria, Syria and Iraq.

The Government of the Republic of Iraq is in charge of Iraq.

Western Asia. Abraham first preached against idolatry, in his birthplace in Babylonia (Iraq), and then came to Canaan(Israel) at God's command.

Moscow is to Russia as Baghdad is to Iraq.

Iraq is not a language. Iraqis speak Arabic and the name for Iraq in Arabic is Al-Iraq which is pronounced Al-ee-raw-k.

IRAQ is the homeland of all the people in the world and the place where the first man and woman lived on the earth. IRAQ has not been founded because it is existed before all the other nations and countries, even before the history was written.In IRAQ the first human beings community was developed (before 8000 years) and the first civilization was emerged. writing, agriculture and law were started in IRAQ and later IRAQ became the centre of the old world through Ur and BabylonBabylon (Located south of Baghdad) is one of the greatest cities in the history, and the capital of the Babylonia Empire.with the entrance of Islam to IRAQ before (1400 years) IRAQ soon became the centre of Islam and cities like Basra and Kufa (founded before 1416 years) raised as centres of education and literature.With the Abbasid Empire (established 131 H, 750 AD) Baghdad founded and became the capital of the Islamic world from Pakistan in the east to Spain in the west, and from the centre of Asia to the middle of Africa for more than 500 the following centuries IRAQ has faced many occupations starting with Mongols 1258 AD and later by many different groups as lastly by British 1918 and American 2003, who works very hard to destroy this country and kill the people.the modern Iraq was founded after the first world war 1921 and the King Faisl was the fist king of IRAQ. In 1958 a few troops of the Iraqi army led by Qasim killed the third king and changed the regime to be a republic of IRAQ, from 1958 till 1968 IRAQ faced two military coups in 1963 and 1968. from the 1968 till 2003 Al-ba'ath party led IRAQ and what had been built over the last decades has been destroyed through the wars, 1980-1988 against Iran, 1991 and 2003 against America. All these three wars were not the people of Iraq choice but the choice of Saddam regime and his party.IRAQ and all the Iraqi people are always giving the world and humanity the best things that they have and works for thousands of years for the developing of human beings from the emerging of civilization between the two rivers till today, however now we have been lifted to face our destiny with out any help ????IRAQ is coming back soon

Iraq was harboring terrorists Iraq had a growing nuclear program. Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. And Iraq invaded and kept Kuweit occupied

Iraq is to the west of Kuwait. Iraq is north of Kuwait.

most of them fleed Iraq from1980 to to present

It is known as :The Iraq War,The Second Gulf WarOccupation of IraqWar in Iraq,In Iraq is is known as the 2nd American Gulf War.

President Saddam Hussein was the leader of Iraq during the Iran-Iraq War.

Iraq and US. but currently Obama has set a deadline with Iraq for US to move out of Iraq by dec. 2011

The war in Iraq is called this because the war is within Iraq, its not with any other country. Iraq is having civil wars. Iraq can not stabilize their government or economy.

stop the war in Iraq please stop the war in Iraq please stop the war in Iraq please stop the war in Iraq please

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