Who founded the Jaro hotels chain?

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It was founded in the early 1970s by Mr. Jacques Robitaille. In 1976 he made the first steps in the hotel business with the acquisition of Quebec Inn Motel.

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Q: Who founded the Jaro hotels chain?
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The Helmsley chain of hotels was founded by Harry Helmsley who began life as a businessman and, together with his wife Leona, built up his property empire which includes the Helmsley hotels.

Clarion Hotels were first founded by whom?

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The Four Seasons Hotels were founded in 1960 in Toronto, Canada, by architect Isadore Sharp. Starting out as a single modest hotel, today the luxury chain boasts 90 hotels in more than 35 countries.

What is the collective noun for hotels?

The collective noun for hotels is a chain of hotels.

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There doesn't seem to be a specific hotel chain under the name 'Foley Hotels'. However, there are many listings for hotels located near Foley, Gulf Shores, Alabama.

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FF Jaro was created in 1965.

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