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It was revealed from Allah (God) to Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).

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Q: Who founded the Muslim faith?
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Where was the Muslim faith founded?

when was the Muslim faith founded?

Where was the Muslim league founded?

The muslim league was founded in Dhaka.

Who is the leader of the Muslim faith?

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the leader of Muslim faith.

Who is the founder of the Muslim faith?

MUHAMMAD P B U HIM is the fonder of Muslim faith.

Who founded the Islamic faith and when?

The Islam faith was founded in about 610 A.D. It was fouded by Muhammad.

Who founded the Aligarh Muslim UniversityWhy was it founded?

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan founded the Aligarh Muslim University. The university was founded to train Muslims to work for governments.

What is an example sentence for Muslim?

The true Muslim faith teaches of charity, love and respect.The false Muslim faith teaches of war, violence and vengeance.Iraq is dominantly a Muslim country.

What is Fatima's faith?


Which year was the Muslim league founded?

630 CEAll India Muslim League was founded in 1906 at Dacca.

When was Muslim founded in Asia?

... the religion's name is not Muslim, it's Islam, and yes, it was founded in Medina/Mecca, which is in Asia Minor

What is the Safavid's faith?

The Shiite Faith. It was originally Muslim, but the Safavids adopted it.

Who founded Muslim religion?


Who founded the balochistan branch of Muslim league in 1939?

The Balochistan branch of the Muslim league was founded in 1939 by one Aggaaghan Navab mohsin.

Where was the animist faith located in Africa?


What was the religious faIth of the seljuk Turks?


What do candles symbloize in the Muslim faith?


What is a follower of the Islamic faith called?

A Muslim.

What were the divisions in Muslim faith?

sunni and shia

What is the core of the Muslim faith?

The core of the Muslim faith is:Believe in one GodBelieve that prophet Muhammed is his messengerDo no wrongBe good to all mankind

Why is the shahadah important in Islam?

The shahadah is the declaration of faith in Islam. It is what makes a Muslim a Muslim.

When was the black Muslim movement founded?


What Muslim state was founded in 1947?


When balochistan Muslim league was founded in?


Who are Muslim reformers who founded marrakech?


Will Nick marry a Muslim girl?

Yes, Nick will marry a Muslim girl if he is Muslim or he converts to Islam with sincere faith.