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Who founded the Royal Bank of Canada?


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RBC - Royal Bank of Canada - began as the Merchants' Bank of Halifax in 1864.

Thomas E. Kenney was one of the primary founders of the Merchants' Bank.

In 1901 the name was changed to RBC as it began to pursue a broader outlook and sought to expand beyond the confines of the Halifax market.

If you want a more information the history of RBC, you should check out the company history posted on their website at

The site is a overview of the development of the company and people who ran it. There are some good photos of the early buildings as well. Interesting to read. The profile is broken down into the following areas:

1864 - 1887 The Wharves of Halifax 1887 - 1914 Towards the Continental Divide 1899 - 1920 The Seas Beyond: International Expansion 1910 - 1925 Filling in the Map: Growth by Amalgamation 1920 - 1939 Banking Doldrums: Sagging Profits and Credibility 1939 - 1960 War and Peace: Banking in a Keynesian World 1960 - 1979 Onto the Global Stage: The 1960s and the End of Parochialism 1980 - 1995 Meeting the Challenges of Global Banking 1995 - present Building a North American Identity