Who gave the promise ring to david Henrie in wowp?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Who gave the promise ring to david Henrie in wowp?
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What kind of ring do you give your boyfriend since he gave you a promise ring?

An engagement ring! <3

Is a mood ring like a promise ring?

I would think so I mean it is a ring and if he gave it to u probably

Should you be worried if your boyfriend gave you a promise ring and said it meant nothing?

i think so, if he thinks that its just a thoughtless present he clearly didn't think about the impact a promise ring would have, unless, its you you assumed it was a promise ring, did he just give it as a presant or call it a promise ring.

Is Zac Efrons commitment ring from Vanessa Hudgens?

that ring is from her, and he gave hr one as well. it is known as their promise ring

Is David Henry married?

Yes, david Henrie married to Maria Cahill in 2017

Did Nick Jonas give Miley Cyrus a promise ring?

I think he did, it was said in some magazine(cant remember which)that nick Jonas reportedly gave miley a promise ring.

What are you supposed to do when you're giving a promise ring?

My boyfriend gave me a promise ring for Christmas this year all he did was put it on my finger while telling me that he promised to always love me, that's all

If you purchased a engagement or promise ring for your at the time girlfriend when you broke up are you entitled to get it back?

No you are not entitled to the ring back. You gave it to her as a gift.

What did miey do when nick gave her the promise ring?

she told him 2 try his luck sumwer else

Do you have to give a promise ring back to the person who gave it to you when you break up?

That depends on how expensive the promise ring is and personal feelings behind it i personally never got back a promise ring i gave Personally I never could understand this Promise Ring thing. Either you love each other and want to get engaged or you don't. Once someone gives you a gift then it's theres! Hopefully, if it was a ring handed down through the family the girl would be kind enough to give it back, but other than that, it's hers!

Apparently Nick Jonas plus miley r goin out again and he gave her a ring if he did what is the ring 4?

its a promise ring, vowing to stay true to her... its not an engagement ring by all means

What does it mean when someone gives a diamond promise ring?

A diamond promise ring has many meanings, but they generally means that the giver of the promise ring will be faithful to the receiver of the promise ring.