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well it is normally doctors and other people!

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Why do salaries increase?

Salaries increase because the economic activity of a country increase. If the salaries remain constant or if the person becomes jobless then the economy of the country is stable or becomes worst.

What place gets the worst droughts?


Does poison gets expired?

No, they become worst.

How much do NBA players gets?

You can find out here:

What are the release dates for Buster Brown Gets the Worst of It - 1914?

Buster Brown Gets the Worst of It - 1914 was released on: USA: 30 September 1914

What is worst about a jester's life?

He never gets to be serious

What is the salaries of the main actors of Vampire Diaries?

Ian Somerhalder gets 40,000 per episode.

What is Cheryl coles worst fear?

Don't know her worst fear but she gets nervous before walking the red carpet.

What is the worst thing that can happen to a person who gets food poisoning?


What do you have to do to enter the NBA draft?

Every team is in it. From worst to best but the worst 3 get in a raffle to see who will be first, second, or third. Also the worst team gets a 25% extra advantage.

In china who was the worst ruler?

Opinions vary, but Chairman Mao gets a special award from me for having been the worst ruler in the history of China.

What is the worst headache?

when your brain gets really hot and feels like if its shaking

How do you record accrued salaries?

Debit Salaries Expense, Credit Salaries Payable.

How much do players in WNBA get paid?

Just a little bit ago I was looking at the WNBA salaries compared to the NBA salaries. The results are SICK! The minimum a NBA first year player gets is around $400,000 and for a woman first year minimum is a whopping $32,000 on average. A freaking doctor gets more than that!!

How did women's salaries differ from men's salaries?

Women salaries were about half as much as men's .

Who gets paid more an CIA agent or an fbi agent?

Their salaries are comparable dependent upon experience, position, and years of service.

Difference between the salaries and salary-payable?

Salaries expense -can be paid or unpaid while salaries payable is finally pay the salaries...

What is the journal entry for outstanding salaries?

outstanding salaries a/c....................dr to outstanding expenses

What are the worst habits of the boys in one direction?

harry gets naked all the time

Two and a half men salaries?

Charlie Sheen gets $2 Million per episode. Angus T. Jones gets $500,000 per episode. Jon Cryer is just happy to be working.

How much does a military officer gets paid a year?

the average military officer gets a meager $1,000,000 per second. This is why our economy sucks, because Obama insists on insane salaries for military personnel.

What causes right side breast pain gets worst when bending over?

gallbladder pain

Where does the money that NASA gets go's to?

The vast majority of NASA's money is spent on salaries for NASA employees, and to purchase the hardware for the rockets and satellites that they launch.

What is the worst thing that can happen to your PSP?

When it gets brokenWhen it gets stolen ;-( But the good point here is, when you catch the criminal who stole your psp, you could get it back. :-D

What rhymes with salaries?

How about calories, galleries, or salaries? Galleries Calories

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