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Q: Who got eliminated in week 2 of season 4 of so you think you can dance?
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When does so you think you can dance season start?

nekk week

Who got eliminated this week from Dancing with the Stars?

Which week? Last week, week nine I believe Aaron went home. I am talking about season nine too.

What dance crew was eliminated on the Lady Gaga challenge on ABDC of Season 5?

Since there was a voting issue no crews were eliminated. Rhere were no bottom two so next week for the disco challenge two crews will be eliminated. The two crews that went home were static noyze and heavy impact jungle boogie was lucky!

When is the second season of dance moms coming out?

the week of jan 8th 2012

What African sounding song did Musa dance solo to in season two of 'So you think you can dance'?

Musa's audition song was "Pump It" by Black Eyed Peas; his solo in week 5 of season 2 was performed to "Disco Inferno" by the Trampps. His Las Vegas "dance for your life" music was Magalenha, by Sergio Mendez.

What is a dance company?

dance company is a selected group of girls that usually practice from 12-15 hours a week and have competitions in competition season.

What week did kandy rain leave the x factor?

They were eliminated in week 1.

What week did john and edward go out on x factor?

They were eliminated in week 7.

What week was Sami Brookes eliminated on The X Factor?

Week 3 in 2011.

When was Vegas week for so you think you can dance held?

well i think there are like a few weeks of adutions and then they go to vegas.

In the x factor 2009 what week did jamie archer leave?

He was eliminated in week 6.

What is the form of dance in simple present tense?

dance / dancesThey dance every week end.She dances once a week.

Was a very glee Christmas the last episode of glee season 2?

No, it was the mid season finale, I think the second half of the season starts this week.

Who went out the second week of x factor in 2009?

Rikki Loney was eliminated in week 2.

Who got kicked off dancing with the stars week 8 or season 10?

Niecy Nash and her professional partner Louis van Amstel were eliminated, puttiing them in fifth place.

Who got eliminated on biggest loser week 5?

Coach Mo did.

John and edward go out of x factor?

They were eliminated in week 7.

Is Buzz Aldrin still on Dancing with the Stars?

No. He was eliminated on week 3.

When did Wagner go out of the x factor?

Wagner was eliminated in week 8.

Who got eliminated on last week's Dancing With the Stars?

Florence Henderson

How long was Diana Vickers on The X Factor for?

She was eliminated in week 9.

Did Paige Thomas get eliminated from the x factor?

Yes, Paige Thomas was eliminated in week 5 of The US X Factor 2012.

How much money does a soccer player earn per week?

it is not how much per week, it is per game/season. i think mia hamm made about 700,000 per season on the national team.

What week did Amelia Lily leave The x factor?

She was eliminated in week one. She then won the comeback vote in week 6 and finished third.

How much money do a hip hop dancer make a week?

i think a hip hop dancer make a billon bucks just for dancering a week at the school that they dance at