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Who guested on other performers' songs?

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There are various performers for wrestlers Theme Songs. Check out this link for a whole list of wrestlers theme song names and performers : Here is a list of Wrestlers and PPV's theme songs and performers.

150, i love bob Dylan and i always check how much songs he writes :)

An opera usually have a conductor,orchestra and performers that are used for the opera performance.The conductor controls the orchestra and the performers,the orchestra sings the libretto(songs for the opera),and the performers act and speak the words prepared.Without them there will be no librettos,songs,acts,words,endings people like the opera and more!

Sea shanties and other work songs are usually exclusively vocal, because the performers' hands are busy with work.

Unlike, say, Led Zeppelin, no one. They have said they've wanted to write songs like other performers, i.e. Bob Dylan, Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Holly, etc. But they never copied.

Different performers were paid different amounts. Jimi Hendrix received $18,000. Santana and a number of other performers received $1,500. There were a number of unscheduled performers who played for free.

The past participle is guested.

The collective noun for performers is a troupe of performers or a band of performers.

"Laramie" (1961-1963). "December Bride" (1954-1959). She also guested on many other series.

The cast of Fillmore - 1972 includes: Jefferson Airplane as Themselves Marty Balin as Performers Elvin Bishop as Themselves Mike Bloomfield as himself Ed Bogas as Performers Mike Carabello as Performers Jack Casady as Performers John Cipollina as Performers Bill Douglass as Performers Spencer Dryden as Performers Larry Fields as Performers David Freiberg as Performers Jerry Garcia as Performers Keith Godchaux as Performers Bill Graham as Bill Graham The Grateful Dead as Themselves Michael Holman as Performers Paul Kantner as Performers Jorma Kaukonen as Performers Bill Kreutzmann as Performers David LaFlamme as Performers Kip Maercklein as Performers (as The Elvin Bishop Group) Barbara Mauritz as Performers Ron McKernan as Performers Quicksilver Messenger Service as Performers The New Riders of the Purple Sage as Themselves Lorin Rowan as Performers Chris Rowan as Performers The Rowan Brothers as Themselves Carlos Santana as Performers Patricia Santos as Performers Boz Scaggs as Performer Rick Shlosser as Performers Michael Shrieve as Performers Grace Slick as Performers Hot Tuna as Themselves Bob Weir as Performers

The cast of Sessions Undercover - 2007 includes: Anberlin as Themselves - Performers Saosin as Themselves - Performers MXPX as Themselves - Performers Yellowcard as Themselves - Performers AFI as Themselves - Performers Good Charlotte as Themselves - Performers Gym Class Heroes as Themselves - Performers New Found Glory as Themselves - Performers Cute Is What We Aim For as Themselves - Performers Red Jumpsuit Apparatus as Themselves - Performers Madina Lake as Themselves - Performers Boys Like Girls as Themselves - Performers Amber Pacific as Themselves - Performers Cobra Starship as Themselves - Performers Hit The Lights as Themselves - Performers

Their was so many cool performers in the circus.

I saw a show on Channel 785 Late night w/ Jools Holland. Amy Whinehouse was on . Please tell me who the other performers were

Any song can be transposed into any key. This is very often done with popular music, but is also done with classical 'songs' or solo pieces, to accommodate individual performers.

I think the phrase you're looking for is, "Break a leg." ------------ 2nd answerer says: That would be correct, as it brings bad luck to wish for good luck. Therefore, performers tell other performers to "break a leg".

The cast of Monterey Pop - 1968 includes: Jefferson Airplane as Themselves Peter Albin as Performers Sam Andrew as Performers The Animals as Themselves Marty Balin as Performers Bruce Barthol as Performers Vic Briggs as Performers Big Brother and the Holding Company as Themselves Eric Burdon as Performers Jack Casady as Performers Roger Daltrey as Performers Denny Doherty as Performers Micky Dolenz as Himself - Audience Member Spencer Dryden as Performers John Entwistle as Performers Art Garfunkel as Performers Dave Getz as Performers James Gurley as Performers Canned Heat as Themselves Jimi Hendrix as Performer Chicken Hirsh as Performers Bob Hite as Performers Barry Jenkins as Performers Country Joe and the Fish as Themselves Country Joe McDonald as Performers Brian Jones as himself Janis Joplin as Performer Paul Kantner as Performers Jorma Kaukonen as Performers The Mamas and the Papas as Themselves Hugh Masekela as Performer Danny McCulloch as Performers Scott McKenzie as Performer Barry Melton as Performers John Mitchell as Performer, with Jimi Hendrix Keith Moon as Performers Laura Nyro as Performer Michelle Phillips as Performers Otis Redding as Performer Noel Redding as Performer, with Jimi Hendrix Johnny Rivers as Performer Ravi Shankar as Performer Paul Simon as Performers Grace Slick as Performer, with Jefferson Airplane Tom Smothers as himself Pete Townshend as Performers Henry Vestine as Performers Carol Wayne as Herself - Audience Member John Weider as Performers The Who as Themselves

In todays musical industry performers songs are usually released to a global market and not simply in a single country. Certainly there are niche markets within the industry and perhaps some songs are local due to the language they are in. However as you do not state which country you are referring to no answer can be given for country specific songs.

Yes, there are many performers in Disneyland.

There is a game called 'WolfQuest' where, you guested it, you're a wolf.

The cast of Adam Faith Sings Songs Old and New - 1962 includes: Kenneth Connor as Himself - Guest Adam Faith as Himself - Presenter Chance Gordon as Himself - Performer The Kestrels as Themselves - Performers Ottilie Patterson as Herself - Performer The Ross Taylor Dance Group as Themselves - Performers The Roulettes as Themselves - Performers Helen Shapiro as Herself - Singer Dilys Watling as herself

He didn't. He had a solo career in the 1970s, and guested with the Who and other groups and artists later. His next band was his own All-Starr Band.

The cast of The Warped Tour Documentary - 2009 includes: Fishbone as Themselves - Performers Deftones as Themselves - Performers Sublime as Themselves - Performers Rancid as Themselves - Performers Gogol Bordello as Themselves - Performers Kool Keith as Himself - Performer Kevin Lyman as himself Flogging Molly as Themselves - Performers Dropkick Murphys as Themselves - Performers Duane Peters as Himself - Performer Bad Religion as Themselves - Performers We the Kings as Themselves - Performers

Micheal Maclyntyre is like the only one I know of.

A group of performers is a troupe of performers or a band of performers. A group of actors is a troupe of actors, a company of actors, a condescension of actors, or a cast of actors.

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