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Athena put the head of Medusa on her shield.

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Her shield was gold and had the face of Medusa the Gorgon.

Athena's shield depicts Medusa, who is a Gorgon.

Her shield with the head of Medusa on it.

Medusa died. By Perseus cutting her head of. And after, she went on Athena's the goddess of wisdom's shield.

Perseus, he took his shield and showed Medusa her own reflection. Thus turning her into stone.

Aegis is the name of the shield, its the face of medusa on the front. It is used to frighten opponents

Athena's shield, Aegis, bares the head of Medusa, one of the three Gorgons.

In Greek myth, Perseus is given a mirrored shield as a gift from one of the Gods. Because when you look at the Medusa it is said you turn to stone, Perseus could look into his shield and he would see Medusa without actually looking at her, and could kill her.

Athena and she put it on her shield for protection.

Athene gave him the Aegis, the shield of Zeus. The shield was made for Zeus by Hephaestos.

After she had helped Perseus in the slaying of the Gorgon Medusa. He brought the head to her and she put it on her shield which was called the Aegis.

Minerva's shield was called Aegis and it had the head of Medusa impressed on it which would strike fear into the hearts of the enemies.

Perseus looked at his shield of her reflection

Perseus can't look at Medusa because she will turn him into a stone statue but, Perseus can look at Medusa, he can just used a polished bronze shield to deflect the petrifying glaze.

He slays her without looking at her by gazing at her reflection in his shield

He watched her through his reflective shield.

he used the shield athena gave him like a mirror. when medusa went after the shield(thinking it was perseus)persus cut off her head.

No. Perseus had used his shield as a mirror to see where Medusa was without looking directly at her so he wouldn't turn to stone.

Hercules did not kill Medusa, Perseus did. And he did it by using the back of the Aegis, the shield of Zeus and later Athena, to see her reflection and avoid looking her in the eyes.

he used a spear,shield and a hand made sword

Athena was the one that cursed Medusa. She caught Medusa, then a beautiful sea nymph, meeting with Poseidon in one of her temples. Athena was so mad that she cursed Medusa with snake hair and eyes that will turn people into stone. This is probably why Athena helped Perseus kill Medusa and then placed Medusa's head on her shield.

Athens did not kill Medusa, Athens is a city in Greece. Medusa was killed by the hero 'Perseus' with the help of Athena and his brother Hermes. He killed Medusa by using a shield to see her reflection. This was because staring at Medusa would lead to being paralyzed in stone. He cut her head off and proceeded to use her as a weapon.

she has many. the owl, spear, shield with medusa on it, bronze armour and bronze helmet.

Yes, Perseus is immortal. He is a hero, he killed Medusa and he made Medusa's head into a shield.

Perseus overcame the Gorgon Medusa with the shield, Aegis, from Athena and flying sandals from HErmes.

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