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Who had the bigger impact on Britain vikings or Anglo Saxons?


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Vikings had an impact mainly on what is now Scotland and Ireland; their influence on England and Wales was limited mainly to the east and southeast of England and, after the pogrom which killed most able-bodied Vikings, virtually non-existent.

The Anglo-Saxons greatly influenced England causing all natives to adopt their ways which lasted longer than the impact of the Romans. Except for the short-lived invasion of Angle Northumbria into southern Alba, (Scotland), the Anglo-Saxons main influence would be by trade with the other British Isles.


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The Vikings impact on Europe was that they were Farmers and Traders.

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The Vikings were seagoing Norse people. They mixed with the Anglo-Saxons to become the modern English and with the people of northern France to become the Normans.

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the aboriginals had thought that the vikings were going to attack them

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While the Vikings had a settlement in Canada, they were not there for very long. It is doubtful that they had a lasting impact on the area became Canada.

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The impact the vikings had on Europe was they were farmers and traders.

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