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The Allied Forces in World War 2 had more allies than the Axis did.

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Germany was our most powerful Allie.

Britan was one of New Zealand's allies in world war 2.

The United States, England, and France were all allies in world war 1 and world war 2. Britan,Russia,U.S.A.,China,India,etc. were Allied in world war 2.

The US and the Allies won World War 2.

World War 2. The Allies had it, and the Axis did not.

No, the Allies won World War 2.

one of Germany's allies since world war 2 is the United states of america.

Sweden had no allies before world war 2, exept frequent trading with neighburing countries.

Australia's allies were the british and the french

No, the Philippines were allies of USA

In World War 1 2 allies of the United States of America where the United Kingdom, France, others include... Japan and Russia. In World War 2 allies of the United States of America where the United Kingdom and Russia Canada was another. Thank You, S.M.P.H.

A variety of symbols were used by the allies in WWII but the most common was the white "liberation star."

the axis powersjapan's allies in world war 2 where the Germans and the italys they where called the axis powers

yes the canadians fought with the allies in world war 2

Spain was not involved in World War 2. They were neutral

Ireland was neutral in World War 2.

Norway's allies were Britain, and the allies including the U.S.

He was with The Allies in World War 2.

Germany and its allies.

Victory for the Allies.

America helped it's allies during World War 2 by shooting people and stuff. they were smart.

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