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Who has Nick Lachey dated?

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-Jessica Simpson (1999 - 2006)

-Vanessa Minnillo (Currently) (As of Jan 2010)

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What nicknames does Nick Lachey go by?

Nick Lachey goes by Slider.

When was Nick Lachey born?

Nick Lachey was born on November 9, 1973.

What actors and actresses appeared in Untitled Nick Lachey Project - 2006?

The cast of Untitled Nick Lachey Project - 2006 includes: Nick Lachey

Where can you find pictures of Nick Lachey?

hi!! I'm looking for some pictures by nick lachey

What is the birth name of Nick Lachey?

Nick Lachey's birth name is Nicholas Scott Lachey.

Where can you download Nick Lachey songs for free? Download limewire, install it then do a search for nick lachey

How old is Nick Lachey?

Nick Lachey is 44 years old (birthdate: November 9, 1973).

Is there a celebrity whose name starts with the letter n?

Ya, Nick Lachey Ya, Nick Lachey

Does nick lachey smoke?


Is Nick Lachey related to former NFL player Jim Lachey?


What was the name of Bethany Joy Galeotti's song that Nick Lachey sang on One Tree Hill?

Its called All In My Head by Nick Lachey

Who are the members of 98 Degrees?

Nick Lachey, Jeff Timmons, Drew Lachey and Justin Jeffre

Is Drew Lachey circumcised?

Drew Lachey is a singer. He is also the brother of Nick Lachey. Drew has never spoken about whether he is circumcised to the public.

Will nick lachey get back with Jessica Simpson?


Who is Nick Lachey dating?

Vanessa Minnillo

Is nick lachey gay?

he's bisexual

Where was nick lachey born?

Harlan, Kentucky

Where does Nick Lachey live?

he lives in L.A.

Did nick lachey marry Alyssa Milano?


Does Nick Lachey Own Diamonds?


Which musicians were born in kentucky?

Nick Lachey

What is Nick Lachey's birthday?

Nick Lachey was born on November 9, 1973.

Who has Kim Kardashian dated?

Reggie Bush, Ray-J, Nick Lachey, Daemon Thomas (ex-husband), Christian Renaldo, Miles Austin, and Kris Humphrey.

How tall is nick lachey?

5 feet 8.75in

Does Jessica Simpson wants nick lachey back?