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Who has a build a bear code?

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Build a bear code for bear?

To get the the build-a-bear code you have to buy a bear at Build A Bear! There's not cheats, at least not for free, & just to be on the safe side, I'd buy a build-a-bear if I were you, rather then asking for a build a bear code.

How do you get credits on build a bear ville?

You buy them in real life at build a bear workshop, and on your reciept, there will be a code. Enter that code on build a bear ville.

What is the build a bear ville code for the guitar?

i think you have to buy the accesory from a build-a-bear store to get the code

Build a bear reciept codes?

A receipt code on Build a bear, After you make a purchase at any Build-A-Bear Workshop store on the receipt there is a code that you enter in at

Build a bear code for the bear?

You get it when you buy a Build-a-Bear. It is at the bottom of the birth certificate. If someone already used their code, You cannot reuse it, it won't work. Add me on Build-a-Bear, BriannePaws11!

Can somebody give you a build a bear registration code?

No You Have To Make A Build A Bear!

Can you get me a code build a bear and id?

no i csnt.. but if you care of your bear not a bear at build a bear then go to marshalls

What is a animal id and key code for Build-a-Bearville?

It is a code that you get on your build-a-bear certificate so you can play with you build a-bear online.

What is the build a bearville code for the rainbow bear?

You have to buy a rainbow bear to get the code. :(

Are there any new cheats in build a bear?

no. if you want a code ,you have to go to build a bear and buy a bear.

Build-a-Bear ID and a code?

You can obtain a Build-a-Bear ID by buying a Bear at your local BABW or online.

Where do you enter your map code on Build-a-Bearville?

go to the build a bear workshop and talk to the bear and then put in the code

Build a bear furry friend codes?

i have a build a bear but it didn't come with a code

How can you get a build a bear?

You have to go to build a bear workshop buy some clothes and get the code

What if you lose a build a bear code?

You can try and find it or get another Build-A-Bear. But of course if you already have a Build-A-Bearville account, then you don't really need the code.

Build-a-Bearville money receipt code?

You have to go to build a bear workshop and purchase something. There is a code at the bottom of the receipt and you can enter it at the virtual build a bear workshop in build-a-bearville.

Can you get a Build a Bear ID and key code if it didn't come with your bear?

In 2007, Build-a-Bear started putting Bearville online so that buyers could have a virtual bear as well. (Using the ID and key code) If you bought a bear before then, you cannot get a key code. If for some reason your bear is missing the id code or key code please contact the Build-a-Bear team ( or

Where do you enter the build a bear ville code?

you enter the codes inside the vurtual build a bear

How do you submit a code onto Build a Bear Ville?

In the town square at the Build-a-Bear Workshop.

How do you get a bear for Build-a-Bearville?

Visit a local Build-a-bear workshop store and make a bear they will give you a code then

What is the code for the build a bear?

you can go to build a bear workshop and buy a bear. that's when you look at the certificate, and there should be a key code and an id #. type both of those in at the build a bear workshop on build a bearville (go to the bear at the counter and click on i have a key code and id #) and u get a furry friend. some people give away accounts to that may own a bear.

Does anyone have a code for a furry friend in build a bearville?

sorry there are no codes for a build a bear, you have to go to a build a bear store and buy one then you will get a recite and you use that code

What is endless hugs code?

Tell me what it is now what the code of the build a bear code of endless hugs bear and I am not joking:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

Animal id for buildabear ville?

your anamal id is on the birth certificate for your build a bear but to acsess you build a bear you need your build a bear you go from the store AND the birth certificate (well you dont need your build a bear with you but you can) then you go to the build a bear workshop store in build a bear ville then click the white bear behind the counter then click i have a anamal id and key code then ya put the code on and boom you have your build a bear. good luck cya in build a bear ville

What is the key code for the free bear on Build-a-Bearville?

There is no free bear, or key code. You have to BUY a bear at BABW

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