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Larry Messmore, 239 537-0677

I remember Paul and Paula, Conway Twitty, Brian Highland, Beach Boys, Dawn.

At that time the Dugless's own the Pony Tail. Their daughter dated a friend of mine, Packey Warner.

I hope you can use this.

The name is actually Douglas's and I did not date him I just knew Paxton Lee Warner the III. Linda

Michael Corpe: These bands also played there; The Animals, Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs (one of the best concerts I ever attended), Chad and Jeremy, Jan & Dean, Them (with lead singer Van Morrison) who actually played a song they sold as a jingle for a toothpaste: McCleans. Fun place with an interesting history. The Douglas's son was my age. The owned two large Saint Bernard dogs, one of which ate one of my mittens. The Douglases were kind enough to return the glove when the dog passed it a few days later. Didn't keep it. Will post more bands as I remember.

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