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Van Morrison is a singer-songwriter who rose to prominence in the mid 1960s. Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame he has won six Grammy Awards. All questions about his music, life and career can be found here.

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Did Van Morrison write Gloria?

Yes, when he was a member of Them in 1964.
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What is the name of the classic rock song with these lyrics 'even though you ain't got money you are so in love with you honey and everything is going to be all right'?

Answer Anne Murry's Classic! The singer- Anne Murry Song- Danny's Song Album- The Far! Kenny Loggins wrote it, and Loggins and Messina originally recorded it. ++UPDATE++ Proof read your question before you submit it, idiot. ...
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Is van Morrison related to James Morrison?

No he isn't James Morrison is my uncle. ALWAYS HAPPY 2 HELP!!!!!!! (Thomas12321) ...
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When did Gloria by Van Morrison come out?

The song is actually credited to Them, which was the group he headed- 1965 ...
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Have you ever seen the rain?

Yes I have, it's raining right now at our place.
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Was Van Morrison with the Troggs when they did Wild Thing?

No, Van Morrison was never a member of the Troggs.
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Did Van Morrison perform at Woodstock?

NO!! He might live in the area now - but he wasn't one of the entertainers at the original Woodstock Aug 15 -18, 1969. ...
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What is the real name of Van Morrison?

Van Morrison's birth name is George Ivan Morrison.
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How can you tell if you have perfect pitch?

It is quite easy to tell if you have perfect pitch by having any musical instrument, such as a piano, clarinet or an electronic keyboard, if you know that the pitch of the notes produced by the instrument are correct, and not out of tune. Simply hum or sing any note, and try to guess what the note is, eg D. Then play a D on the instrument; if the pitch is the same, you have perfect pitch. Try other pitches...
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Who is the woman on van Morrison's tupelo honey album cover?

She is Janet Planet (Rigsbee/Morrison), his wife at the time.
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Where does van Morrison live?

I believe he owns a house in his hometown of Belfast, in the Orby area of East Belfast. He lives in this house when he comes to Northern Ireland to visit family but when not in Northern Ireland I think he owns a house somewhere in Los Angeles. ...
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Is James Morrison related to van Morrison?

is James Morrison related to van Morrison
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How much are the led zeppelin albums worth?

I just bought Led Zeppelin II this week for 15 U.S.D.
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How tall is Van Hansis 183 cm?

All unoffical biographies list Van Hansis' height at 6'. Mr. Hansis does not have an "official" internet presence. I would love to believe that Van Hansis is 6 ft tall but that is not possible. Do you think a 6 ft tall man would be 6 inches taller than a 5'3 tall female. NO! His imb page says he is 5'11 and a 1/4 but that is way too tall also look and him with Alexandra Chando who is clearly 5'3...
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What is the meaning of brown eyed girl by van Morrison?

Despite popular myth, "Brown Eyed Girl" by Van Morrison is not about drugs. The song is about reminiscing over an interracial relationship. The song was written and recorded in 1967, toward the end of the Civil Rights Movement. The song was originally titled "Brown-Skinned Girl." Van Morrison changed the title when the song was first recorded to make it more radio-friendly. Another example of the song's being changed to suit radio broadcast is the line "Laughin' and a-runnin', hey hey", which was taken...
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Did the pogues tour with van Morrison?

Not sure if they toured with him, but Shane definitely played a festival with him (and a bunch of other legends). It was the Fleadh at Randall's Island, NYC, in Summer of 2007. Van, Sinead, Christy, Shane & the Popes, Mary Coughlan, etc ...
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When was Van Morrison born?

Van Morrison was born on August 31, 1945.
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Are Jim Morrison and van Morrison related?

no. They did play together once in L.A. though.
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Who is van Morrison?

Van Morrison is a singer and songwriter from Northern Ireland. One of his most famous hits was Brown Eyed Girl, released in June of 1967. ...
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What was Van Morrison birth place?

belfast, Ireland
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Did van Morrison ever sing have you ever seen the rain?

i searched it but i couldn't found. i think van Morrison didn't sing have you ever seen the rain ? because i had van Morrison's albums but this song isn't. ...