Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh is a renowned post-Impressionist painter who was recognized only after his death at the age of 37. He is now widely regarded as one of the greatest painters in history.

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Vincent van Gogh

What world events influenced van gogh?

His subjects were taken from his surroundings: people, landscapes, still lifes, ... Not from world affairs.

Vincent van Gogh

Did Vincent Van Gogh have any artist training?

Van Gogh had quite a bit of training - some formal, but mostly informal.

Van Gogh began to draw as a child, and he continued making drawings throughout the years leading to his decision to become an artist. He did not begin painting until his late twenties. He spent his early adulthood working for a firm of art dealers, traveling between The Hague, London and Paris, after which he taught for a time in England. (One of his early aspirations was to become a pastor and from 1879 he worked as a missionary in a mining region in Belgium where he began to sketch people from the local community). In March 1886, he moved to Paris and discovered the French Impressionists. He had already started painting, but up to that point he was strictly self-taught.

On the recommendation of his brother Theo, he traveled to Brussels in 1880 to study with the prominent Dutch artist Willem Roelofs, who persuaded him, in spite of his aversion to formal schools of art, to attend the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts in Brussels, where he registered on November 15, 1880. At the Académie , he studied anatomy and the standard rules of modeling and perspective.

In January 1882, he settled in The Hague where he called on his cousin-in-law, Anton Mauve (1838-88) who was a Dutch realist painter and a leading member of the Hague School. Mauve introduced him to painting in both oil and watercolor and lent him money to set up a studio.

Despite his rejection of academic teaching, he took the higher-level admission exams at the Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp in 1885, and in January 1886, matriculated in painting and drawing. Van Gogh traveled to Paris in March 1886, to study at Fernand Cormon's studio.

In addition to his limited formal training van Gogh socialized with, exchanged ideas and methods with and learned from many of the prominent artists of his time. Vincent's brother Theo was an art dealer who stocked his gallery with paintings from other prominent contemporary artists such as Claude Monet and Edgar Degas. While he lived with Theo, Vincent was able to study their work. Theo introduced Vincent to Paul Gauguin, Paul Cézanne, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri Rousseau, Camille Pissarro and Georges Seurat. Vincent also was friends with Émile Bernard, Honoré Daumier, and several other lesser known artists of his time.

Vincent van Gogh

What challenges did Van Gogh face?

To express his love to the beloved, he cut off his ear (in a moment of rage with a razor) and he shot himself, died just after two days the shot.

Vincent van Gogh

When was van Gogh alive?

Vincent van Gogh 1857-1890.

I am afraid this answer is incorrect. He was born in 1853 instead.

Vincent van Gogh
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What did they make medieval paint brushes out of?

Animal hair.

Vincent van Gogh

How was the art world changed by Vincent van Gogh?

He paved the way for the expressionists.

Vincent van Gogh

Did van Gogh invent impasto?

No, he did not, but he used it to good effect.

Vincent van Gogh

What is the story behind Vincent van Gogh's ear?

Vincent van Gogh, the answer is a razor, which in those days was a very sharp knife-like instrument. Vincent first threatened to attack his colleague Paul Gauguin with it, then changed his mind and cut off a bit of his own left ear (not the whole ear).

Vincent van Gogh cut off his ear in a fit of rage. Not knowing what to do with it he presented it to a prostitute he knew.

He did NOT cut his ear for her sake.

The prosaic version is that Vincent was going to attack Paul Gauguin with a razor, but changed his mind, went back and directed his rage at himself.

"Paul Gauguin has written a letter to a friend where he tells about the incident. Gauguin had left their common lodgings and after a while he heard steps behind him. When he turned around he saw Vincent standing there brandishing a razor. Gauguin stood still just looking at Vincent. Soon Vincent turned and went back to his room, wher he cut off part of his ear. After he had been bandaged he wrapped up the 'object' and sent to the prostitute you mentioned." - Pernys32

According to biographers he cut off only the earlobe, which he wrapped up and gave to a prostitute he knew.

Vincent van Gogh, in 1888, cut off part of one ear, after trying to attack his colleague, Paul Gauguin, but changed his mind and attacked himself.

There is another theory that Gauguin might have done it.

Theory 1:Vincent was mentally imbalanced and had to be treated at asylums. At Arles he wanted to work together with Paul GauguIn, but Gauguin could not stand Vincent in the long run. Vincent was trobled by this and in a fit of rage he went after Gauguin with a razor . Gauguin spotted him coming, Vincent turned around and went home and cut off a part of his ear. Theory 2:Van Gogh and Gauguin were sharing accommodation, but this and the depression of Van Gogh led to a fight where Gauguin cut off Van Gogh 's ear with his sword. They agreed to the story of Van Gogh doing it himself to protect Gauguin. Theory 3:His ear lobe (not his entire ear) was cut off accidentally while Van Gogh was having a seizure.

Cutting off the earlobe (not the whole ear) did not impair his hearing at all.

Another answer:I know the romantic answer (he did it because he loved her), is very appealing to young people. It is however not consistent with any of the scholarly biographies written about Vincent. New Information:See link below.
Vincent van Gogh cut off one of his ears because he had had an argument with one of his friends. The argument may have been whether Paul Gauguin was going to leave Arles, where they had been working together.

It is believed that he cut his left earlobe off December 24, 1888 during some kind of seizure. This took place in Arles (France) when Van Gogh was 35.

Nobody was with Vincent van Gogh when he cut off his ear.

He used a razor (a very sharp kind of knife) to cut it off, he was in deep depression after his friend Paul Gauguin had been mad at him.

Van Gogh suffered from mental illness. He gave the blood-covered part of his ear to a prostitute he knew, not his loved one, which he had none. Later he shot himself and died.

Vincent van Gogh

What is the painter on the road to tarascon?

A painting by Van Gogh which was destroyed in WWII

Vincent van Gogh

Did van gogh go blind?

No, he never went blind.

Vincent was an oddity,... like Rembrandt, but Rembrandt I think did go partially blind in his old age before he died. "It took time for Vincent to begin to break and penetrate the general shell. The MFA experts just sit there behind their shells, and stick to it like frogs to their ponds. They will not answer, for they can not think or see for themselves. The shells that they live in have to see, speak and act for them. This whole MFA world is made up of this cursed shell,... only artist's like Vincent worked against it. Vincent always started from the beginning, like standing on the far side of his pond calling for the others to come over and join him. Of course it was irritating for the MFA experts! How could it be other wise, when he stood looking down on their ponds with solid earth beneath his feet? Vincent said white when others said black,... he laughed why they cried. Perhaps he did this for only fun, and because he was one while the others were the whole world."

"Would Vincent ever penetrate the MFA world completely? Woulds he ever draw these men and women of the MFA expertise unto him, even though he gave his life to do it. Or would he come up against a more impenetrable shell and finally, worst of all, the approbation of the masses? They say if the world took him seriously , he would be regarded as its destroyer. He alone. No wonder he aggravated them, when he was a thorn in the side of mankind. Cast him out,... Kill him! Bury the traitor out of sight, under the shell! No, don't beat him, he's not worth it. Ha ha, let a mad man like that go on with his painting!"

Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Goghs father's name?

Vincent Van Gogh's father's name was Theodorus Van Gogh the same as his closest brothers name to but he went by Theo so there was no confusion.

Vincent van Gogh

10 interesting facts about Vincent van Gogh?

1- Margot Begemann, a neighbor fell in love with Vincent who rejected her causing her to try to commit suicide.

2- Vincent, so caught up in work cared very little about Reverend Theodorus Van Gogh's (Vincent's father) death in 1880.

3-May 8, 1889 Vincent coluntarily puts himself in an asylum.

4- Vincent eats paints & guzzles in suicide attempt on Dec 23, 1889

5- Only one painting was sold during his life time.

6- Vincent had an older brother Vincent van Gogh who died at birth.

7- Vincent shot himslef but didnt die until 2 days later at age 37.

8-Vincent wouldn't be famous if not for his brother's wife who sold all his paintings.

9-Vincent's nick name was Fou-Rou (crazy man)

10- It is said Vincent lost an ear but he only cut a piece of his ear lobe.

Vincent van Gogh

How did Vincent van goth commit suicide?

well Vincent shot him self and died two days later

Vincent van Gogh

What artist movement was Vincent van gogh part of?


Vincent van Gogh

How did van Gogh's contributions affect the world?

He painted some of the world's best loved paintings. In the art world his work triggered Expressionism.

And made a lot of kids have to do a lot of research on him =.=!!

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Who is Vincent Fields?

There are many Vincent Fields out there, but given that the question was asked in the martial arts category, I'll give it a bet that it is the one who wrote a book on leg locks. I understand he studied and taught Russian Sambo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing, and Wrestling. He has a number of DVDs on techniques available.

Vincent van Gogh

Where did Vincent van Gogh live?

In Holland :Groot-Zundert, Zevenbergen, Tilburg,

Amsterdam, Laeken, Borinage, Etten, Cuesmes, the Hague, Drenthe, Nuenen, London,

Belgium: Antwerp,

In France: Paris, Arles, Saint-Rémy, Auvers.

Vincent van Gogh

Did Vincent van Gogh cut off his ear in a rage?

Yes, Vincent van Gogh cut his left earlobe off December 24, 1888, because he had had an argument with one of his friends. The argument may have been whether Paul Gauguin was going to leave Arles, where they had been working together.

Nobody was with Vincent van Gogh when he cut off his ear. He used a razor (a very sharp kind of knife) to cut it off; he was in deep depression after his friend Paul Gauguin had been mad at him.

Van Gogh suffered from mental illness. He gave the blood-covered part of his ear to a prostitute he knew, not to his loved one, whom he didn't have. Later he shot himself and died in his room in Arles.

Vincent van Gogh

Which van gogh painting sold for 53.9 million in 1987?


Vincent van Gogh

What 3 languages did Vincent Van Gogh know?

he spoke french dutch and english! AND GERMAN

Vincent van Gogh

What do you think of van goghs art work?

Very beautiful works, I like his style. My favorite painting is Wheatfield with Crows. I also had the possibility to visit the Van Gogh's museum in Amsterdam and enjoyed it a lot.

Vincent van Gogh

What did van Gogh look like?

Click link below to see some self portraits.

Vincent van Gogh

Was van Gogh married?

He was not gay. He tried several times to attract women, but never succeeded.

Vincent van Gogh

What famous paintings did Vincent van Gogh paint?

Many. Among them are Portrait of Dr. Gachet (the second most expensive painting at auctions), The Sunflowers, Starry Night, and Cafe Terrace at Night. He is also well known for his many self portraits, and a dark painting The Potato Eaters

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Did Jesus heal the ear cut off by one of his disciples?

Yes, He did before he was taken as a captive (before he was going to be crucified)


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