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Anyone who has finished Stardoll Academy has all of the items, well to be more specific, they have all the items from what type of tasks they chose, for example, a girl who chose the Beauty tasks will have different items than a girl who chose the Fashion tasks.

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Q: Who has all the stardoll academy items on stardoll?
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What is Stardoll Academy?

Stardoll Academy is game like activity with tasks wich you can earn sc/sd/sp and exclusive items, right now i think it's only for roalty and superstars but will be avalible for all members soon, hope this helps and have fun exploring stardoll academy! (I didnt know what it was either at first, but then i just googled it)

If you were once superstar in stardoll will you lose your superstar items?

No,You Will Still Have All The Items.

Where are the arrietty items on stardoll?

Get free items at . :)

How do you get free stuff without paying on stardoll?

You can join some clubs that give you some free stuff, Go to stardoll underneath it has all the free items you can get on stardoll, hope this helped ♥

How do you get the moonacre items for stardoll 17993?

Go to: for the mooncare items and more free stuff on stardoll XD xox

How much are the items on stardoll?

All of the prices of items differ, but they seem to have raised over the years. Limited Edition items are always the most expensive, though.

Where are the arietty items on stardoll located?

One is on the acount page and thats all i know k bye

Where are the secret world of Ariety items on stardoll?


What free items is there on Stardollcom?

Well there are loads of stardoll free items but you have to use proxies for most of them unless you come from that country or not.Using a proxy is not safe and you can get cookies but if you want free items on stardoll go to underneath stardoll this will give you links and proxy and clear instructions on how to get free items on stardoll.Some of them you also have to use a manual proxy but it will show you free items and how to get them!

Why cant you buy any makeup on stardoll without being a superstar?

Well I'm a non superstar and stardoll says it takes a lot of money to make stardoll and it's true if we didn't have superstar then we'll get all the items (clothes, makeup etc.) which cost real money for stardoll.

Where are the items in the stardoll arriety hunt?

heart in membership page

Do you loose rooms and items on stardoll when you cancel membership?