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Not sure of the number since it isn't considered that dangerous, but I'll tell you that in order to be in the lethal area you need to consume roughly

30x250ml cans of Red Bull in a fairly short period of time

and even then you are likely just to be horribly sick or hospitalised.

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Is Ryan Sheckler dead?

yes he died by drinking to many energy drinks

How can you consume energy at home and at school?

drinking energy drinks

What diseases can you get from drinking energy drinks?

Aids and herpes

Are energy drinks dangerous to children?

Well, it could be. But children shouldn't be drinking energy drinks because they already have lots of energy

Are drinking energy drinks means taking drugs or doping?


What are some of the effects from drinking energy drinks?

you squirt out gatorzade

Why are energy drinks are bad for you?

energy drinks are bad for you because it races up your heart and can give you a heat attack after a while of drinking that.

Did a french kid die from drinking too many energy drinks?

no because energy drinks can't kill you not even kids

What are some possible effects of drinking nos energy drinks?

Energy drinks may cause serious health problems. Some are so potent it would be like drinking many cups of coffee which contains caffeine. Some say that more studies should be done because the effects of drinking energy drinks are unclear.

How do you create adrenaline?

You can't actually create it. You get it by drinking energy drinks.

Has anyone died of drinking monsters?

No my grandpa is 81 years old and he slams a 24 pack of monster energy drinks in 8 hours

How do you get more energy without drinking coffee or energy drinks?

Get more sleep or take vitamins

Can you die from drinking energy drinks?

No, but the excessive amounts of caffeine can make you ill.

Can you overdose on energy drinks?

energy drinks contain a lot of sugar, drinking too much without burning off all that could lead to diabetes.

What is a good opening sentence Hook for a persuasive essay on why energy drinks are bad for you?

Do you like drinking sugar? How about crashes, do you like those? Energy drinks do both.

What are the weakness of energy drinks?

The weakness of energy drinks is that caffeine is a main part in them. More of the younger generation are drinking these and the amount of caffeine kills the brain cells.

How many people have died from drinking monster engery drinks?


Why is drinking energy drinks bad for kids?

Because Drinking Energy is chuck loaded with sugar witch is very bad for kids (If you know what i mean)

Are caffeinated energy drinks good for your health?

There are no positive effects on your health associated with drinking caffeinated energy drinks. In fact studies have suggested that caffeine in excess is harmful.

Is there any bull pee in energy drinks?

no, drinking body waste can make you sick

Is there any medical use for energy drinks?

Stop drinking heller you may be use to drinking but there's plenty of other options to drink

Dangers of soft drink cans?

No there is NO Danger in drinking soft drink cans but if you consider energy drinks WORST four loko , monsters , Nos etc. Really Bad so beware energy drinks not soft drinks (:

If you wake up shaking after drinking energy drinks what is it?

Energy drinks are mostly caffeine. Caffeine, especially in high doses, can cause shaking, tremors, high blood pressure, stomach upset, and even heart attack if you have too much. Cut back on your energy drinks.

Can 10 year olds die of drinking mio energy?

most likely, it might not kill you, but it will cause problems later in the future if you keep drinking it. young people like yourself shouldnt be drinking mio energy, or any other typemof energy drinks.

Can you be twelve and drink energy drinks?

well my friend did he died