Who has greater bite force tiger or lion?

Well, you have to look at the shape of the cat's skull. The skulls of lions and tigers have been compared, and they are very much alike, the difference is sometimes only noticeable to experts. Lions have slightly longer skulls, and tigers have wider, broader skulls. The wider the skull is, the more force will be applied to a bite. This is because the area of force is concentrated more, and not spread over a long length. This would give the tiger a stronger bite.

Lion and tiger jaw force comparison from National Geographic:

Lion average: 945 pounds per square inch (425 kg of force).

Tiger average: 1000 pounds per square inch (450 kg of force).

If i was to judge about the bite force, both cats have it of 1200 pounds. There is no such thing as wider= stronger. The bite force is spread over the lenght (lion) and width (tiger) so the theory that wider= stronger is just like a myth. Just like I said earlier on, their bite force is about 1000-1200Ibs

Some animals with long skulls, such as crocodiles, have extremely strong jaws. Some would say that animals with longer skulls would have a stronger bite, because crocs have a stronger bite force than animals such as cats. This is a ridiculous theory. Crocodiles and cats are completely different animals. You cannot compare mammals with reptiles.

Or sharks.


The answer = neither

No-one never tried to test adult male tiger's bite force and no-one never tested adult male lion's bite force. They are just estimates. Scientific estimates are 1100Ibs (half a tonne) for each of them