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Clarence Seedorf moved from Inter to AC. Andrea Pirlo also played for Inter before being loaned out for 2 years before being sold to AC.

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Q: Who has moved from inter Milan to ac milan?
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Does ibrahimovic play inter Milan?

no he moved to AC Milan in 2011

Which Football clubs share the same home turf 'San Siro'?

Milan and Inter (or if you prefer AC Milan and Inter Milan).

Who are the rivals from ac milan?

Inter Milan

Who played for ac milan inter milan?

For players still playing, Crespo, Ronaldo, Seedorf have played for both AC Milan and Inter Milan.

Did Ray Wilkins play for Inter Milan?

no, ac milan.

What is the difference in real football between Milan?

Milan-AC Milan,Milano-Inter

Who will win the Italy seria a 2010?

It is now between Ac Milan and Inter Milan. Ac Milan are favourites of winning even though they are second AC Milan have easy games now but Inter Milan still have some hard games left. I think Ac Milan will win the Italy Seria A.

Did inter Milan fc originated from ac Milan fc?


Is ac Milan stadium in rome?

no it is in milan. it is called the "San Siro" and they share it with inter milan.

Do inter and ac Milan have the same studium?

Bot Inter and AC Milan share the same stadium, known as the San Siro.

Who is the captain of millan?

Inter Milan : Javier Zanetti AC Milan : Ambrosinni

Who transferred from ac Milan to real Madrid to inter Milan?

christian panucci