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Q: Who has tax payer identification number 38-1798424?
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Can a foreign national open a bank account in the US?

Yes, if you can provide proper identification, such as your tax payer identification number and passport.

Who needs a tax identification number?

A business needs to have a tax identification number. This number is used to identify your company to the IRS.

What is a TAX payer's identification number in India?

It would be the same as for any other country. Each person liable to pay tax in India will be issued with a unique number, by means of which the tax system of India can identify the individual and track that individuals tax liability and payments over their lifetime.

What actors and actresses appeared in Tax Payer - 2012?

The cast of Tax Payer - 2012 includes: Stefan Nistor as Tax Payer

How does a financial institution determine when to withhold tax on investment income?

A financial institution will determine if it should withhold tax on a investment if it receives notification from the IRS to do so. Once a social security number or tax payer identification number is provided, the IRS is notified to verify no withholding is required.

What does TIN stand for?

Tax Identification Number

What is the Employer Identification Number for Express Employment?

What is express employment federal tax identification number

Can an illegal alien inherit property in the US from his wife who is a US citizen?

An illegal alien will have to provide identification including a social security number. if you have paid taxes you may be able to list your tax payer number instead.

What is the meaning of TIN number?

TIN is tax identification number.

When do homeowner s associations need to get a employer Identification Number?

Associations are typically corporations -- non-profit is common -- and when they hire employees, not vendors, then they need an employer ID, usually for tax purposes. As well, there is a tax-payer ID assigned to the corporation, so that the corporation can report its income and expenses. Your financial consultant can advise you as to whether or not your tax-payer ID can be used as an employer ID.

What is TIN in tax system?

Taxpayer Identification Number

Full form of TIN?

Tax identification number

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