Who has the better education US or china?

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2010-10-21 04:31:32

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USA because we have more money on education and in schools for students to do better jobs.

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2010-10-21 04:31:32
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Q: Who has the better education US or china?
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When was US-China Education Trust created?

US-China Education Trust was created in 1998.

Does China have better education than America?


Why does China have a better economy than the US?

China doesnt have a better economy then the US. If the US stoped buying from China, China would fall apart.

Which country is better us or china?


Who is better US or China in Army?

i think that the US army is better because China is a very big country

What country has better education India or China?

i think both countries

Where do most foreign exchange students in the US come from?

Most foreign exchange students in the US come from China and India. Students come from these countries for higher education, since the US has a better education system than both of these countries. You will not see as many exchange students from Canada, Australia, or Europe because most of these countries have better education systems than the US.

What kind of education does the US have?

it has a better education that kids can succeed and move on

What is country has better education turkey or china?

Hi, some of my friends come from China and I got some from Turkey. All of the ones from China says its extremely hard there. If you mean better education by the difficulty level (how much you learn) it would be China. They learn things there very fast. Turkeys education is still very good though.

What is the compare and contrast Colombia education to the US?

Colombian education is much better, graduates get better job offers

Why do you have school in the US?

so you can get a better education and get more money.

Why should the us have good relations with china?

better technology

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