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The Annex's Inhabitants are as follows;

Otto Frank (Anne's father)

Edith Frank (Anne's mother)

Margot Frank (Anne's older sister)

Anne Frank

Hermann van Pels

Auguste van Pels (Hermann's wife)

Peter van Pels (Son of Hermann and Auguste)

Fritz Pfeffer (Dentist)

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Anne Frank was helped in hiding by Otto Frank's trusted employees, who provided them with food, supplies, and news from the outside world. Additionally, Miep Gies and her husband Jan Gies, along with other colleagues, helped shelter the Frank family and their friends in the secret annex.

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Miep Gies was the person who primarily helped them. she brought them food and books so they wouldn't get very bored.

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Q: Who helped anne while she was in hiding?
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What was the lady name who helped anne frank in hiding?

Miep Gies was the woman who helped Anne Frank and her family while they were in hiding. She worked for Anne's father, Otto Frank, and provided them with food, supplies, and news from the outside world. Miep Gies risked her own safety to assist the Franks and others in hiding during the Holocaust.

Who helped Anne Frank when they went hiding?

Miep Gies

Who helped Anne Frank while she was in hiding?

Miep Gies, Jan Gies, Bep Voskuijl, Jo Kleiman and Victor Kugler

What was the man's name who helped anne frank into hiding?

There were two men who helped the Franks into hiding, I'm not sure of their first names but their surnames were Koophius and Kraler.

What did anne frank do that was memorable?

She kept a diary while hiding from the Nazi's. She was Jewish and was hiding with her family from capture.

What kind of course did Anne take while she was in hiding?

Medical and Physicology.

Who did Anne like most while hiding from the Nazis?

Her drum kit

What did anne frank get as a birthday gift while in hiding?

She didn't receive many birthday gifts while in hiding, but just before she went into hiding, she received candy, pins, books, and a blank notebook which she called 'Kitty' and wrote in while she was in hiding.

What did Anne Frank do in the morning while in hiding?

she was quiet and had breakfast and wrote in her diary.

What did Anne Frank take into hiding?

Anne Frank had a blank book to write her diary in. She got it for her birthday while she was in hiding. Aside from that, she did not have many personal possessions while in hiding with her family.

Who is slagter from diary of Anne frank?

In "The Diary of Anne Frank," Slagter is an officer who investigates the annex where Anne Frank and her family are hiding. He searches the building while Anne and the others remain quiet and hidden. Ultimately, he does not discover their secret hiding place.

How do you use journalism in sentence?

Anne Frank wrote in her journal while she was hiding with her family.