Who helps Odysseus and gives him dvice?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Who helps Odysseus and gives him dvice?
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Who is the deity who helps Odysseus and gives him wise advice?

Athena helps Odysseus.

Can you summarize how the goddess Athena helps odysseus in his fight against the suitors?

she just gives Odysseus helpful information on his journey

Who Helps Odysseus before he faces circe?

Hermes; He gives Odysseus a plant to eat called Moly, which is an enchanted root that can only be uprooted by the gods. Odysseus eats the enchanted root, which protects him from Circe's spells.

Which goddess helps Odysseus?

Athena helps Odysseus as well as Telemachus

Who does Odysseus help?

Odysseus helps someone read the book

Who helps Odysseus get away from Calypso?

Hermes tells Calypso she must let Odysseus go.Calypso helps Odysseus build a raft to leave the island.

Who helps Odysseus outwit kirke?

The god, Hermes, stops Odysseus on his way to see Kirke. He gives him a plant that will help him against Kirke's pig-poison, along with a plan that will help him break her spell.

Is a touch screen a input o a output dvice?

It is both.

Who helps Odysseus go home to Ithaca?

Many people and gods help Odysseus return home, but Athena is the largest help, appealing to the gods to help him, and not hinder his journey. Aeolus (Eolus) gives Odysseus and his men a bag of the winds so that they can sail home quickly. Circe gives Odysseus much advice on how to get home, including how to pass the dangerous Scylla and Charbydis. The ghosts of the blind Theban prophet Teiresias, Odysseus' mother, and King Agamemnon, offer advice and support to Odysseus journey. Calypso finds Odysseus, shipwrecked, and nurses him back to health. She eventually helps him build a raft to get home. Nausicaa finds Odysseus and brings him home to the Phaecian palace. The Phaecians bring Odysseus home on their swift blessed ships.

Who helps Odysseus survive Circes tricksWho helps Odysseus survive Circes tricks?

Hermes giving him the moly potion

How does Ino's scarf help Odysseus?

It hides him in a mist, allowing him to walk undetected.

What happened to Odysseus when he was almost to the Phaecians' island?

A storm approached, and would not let him approach the shores. Ino, gives Odysseus her veil to protect him. Odysseus stays on his raft. Eventually the storm destroys his raft, and throws Odysseus into the shoals, almost killing him, but luckily he misses the rocks. Odysseus asks a river god for help who helps push him upstream and onto the shores of Scheria.