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bslab here saying that john ceana and Jeff hardy both are sexy but Jeff hardy is a little more sexier

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John Cena

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Q: Who hotter john cena or Jeff hardy?
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Is Jeff hardy stronger than john cena?

No,jeff hardy hardy is not stronger than john cena.

Who weighs more Jeff hardy or john cena?

John Cena

Is Jeff hardy better than John Cena?

Jeff hardy is better than john cena because he flies and give whisper in the wind,and the swanton bomb and he is my favorite after all Jeff hardy is better than john cena

John cena or Jeff hardy?

Jeff hardy he flies and is the next hbk he is fun to watch. john cena is good but not when compared to Jeff hardy,undertaker,triple h or hbk

Does Criss Angel and John Cena and Jeff Hardy have a MySpace?

Don't know about criss angle but Cena and Jeff Hardy do not have myspace

Is John Cena Friends With Jeff Hardy?

Sord of?.

How old is HBK HHH John Cena and Jeff Hardy?

Hbk 46 turning 47 hhh 44 john cena is 35 jeff hardy 38

Who will win John Cena or Jeff Hardy?

I think Jeff Hardy will win because he is faster, stronger and smarter, but I think Cena is smart and strong.

Is Jeff Hardy like John Cena?

No they have there own special personalities I am a huge hardy and cena fan they are both great

Who is better john cena or Jeff hardy?

Jeff hardy because it doesnt matter how strong he is what matters is who people like and Jeff hardy risks his life which john cena never does . i think he is the best and not just me all of the audience sorry if you didnt like it.

Does Jeff hardy like john cena?

no you sick sick person nobody would ever like john cena

Who is tougher Jeff Hardy or John Cena?

John Cena is definetly tougher than Jeff Hardy. Anybody who can survive a crash through a 3000 watt search light and still come back for more the next night is tough. John Cena and Jeff Hardy have very different types of wrestling styles. Cena focuses on overpowering his opponent while Hardy relies on his high flying risks to overcome hi opponents.