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Who influenced Daniel Handler in Writing?

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the school did English and he probably found this interesting but his friends and family convinced him too especially his father

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When did Daniel handler start writing?


When did Daniel handler start writing the series of unfortunate events books?

Daniel Handler a.k.a Lemony Snicket wrote the series of unfortunate events in 1999

When was Daniel Handler born?

Daniel Handler was born on February 28, 1970.

What nicknames does Daniel Handler go by?

Daniel Handler goes by Lemony Snicket.

Does Daniel handler have a middle name?

yea Daniel handler have a middle name but i don't know what it is

What are the 5 hobbies Daniel Handler like to do when he was a child?

Daniel Handler liked to write as a child.

How old is Daniel Handler?

Daniel Handler is 47 years old (birthdate: February 28, 1970).

What are Daniel handler parents name?

Andrews handler and Alice Andrews are Daniel handlers (lemony Snickets ) parents

How did Daniel handler become famous?

he wrote a series of unfortunate events.....lemony snicket's real name is Daniel handler.

What are the names of Daniel handler's children?

Daniel has one son with Lisa Handler (Brown) and his name is Otto Handler. ~CDownward

Is Daniel handler Jewish?


Who influences Daniel Handler?


When did Daniel handler get married?


Was Daniel Handler kidnapped?


How old is Daniel Handler's son?

Otto Handler was born in 2003. Daniel Handler is an author who uses the pseudonym Lemony Snicket.

What are some of Daniel Handler's hobbies?

Daniel Handler likes to write

Where did Daniel Handler grow up andwhat was it like there?

Daniel Handler grew up in San Francisco, California. It was likely warm and comfortable.

Does Daniel Handler have kids?

He has one child.

Where is Daniel Handler from?

He came from San Francisco.

Is Daniel handler dead?

No, he is still living.

Where does Daniel Handler live?

San Fransisco

Who wrote lemony snickett?

Daniel Handler.

What did Daniel Handler get?

I dont understand your question???

How did Daniel Handler die?

He isn't dead.

What is Daniel Handler's birthday?

Daniel Handler was born on February 28, 1970.

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