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His mother

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Q: Who influenced chef ramsay to cook?
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Who influenced Gordon ramsay?

He was influenced by George Orwell, a famous british chef who was also known for his no nonsense mannerisms.

WHo is Chef Ramsay?

a chef

What restaurants have nigella lawson worked in?

None, Nigella Lawson is a cook, not a chef. She cooks in her home, whereas Gordon Ramsay, a chef, cooks in restaurants

Is Gordon Ramsay an alien?

No Chef Ramsay is not an alien.

Where did Gordon Ramsay Learn to cook?

Gordon Ramsay worked in several top London restaurants in the 1980s, including a notable stint at Restaurant Marco Pierre White. The chef for whom the restaurant was named was Ramsay's mentor and the youngest chef to ever be awarded Three Michelin Stars.

When was George Ramsay Cook born?

George Ramsay Cook was born in 1931.

Who is the famous chef?

Gordon Ramsay

What is the percent rate of becoming a chef?

can you cook? if so then your a chef :) now just find a company to cook for and your a chef for them, so if your a chef then you can cook and if you can cook then your a chef but if your not a hired as a chef your just a cook so if you think about it your not a chef your a cook until when you get hired then your no longer a cook your a chef but not for yourself because then you'd be a cook but now your a chef for them... not a cook

Why did chef ramsay become a chef?

because he couldnt play football

What books has Gordon Ramsay written?

A Bigger Slice of Pie, Chef for All Seasons, Fish, Fish and Shellfish, Gordon Ramsay: Chef for All Seasons, Gordon Ramsay at His Best, Gordon Ramsay Easy:)

Who is the better chef between Gordon Ramsay and jamie oliver?

Gordon Ramsay

Did chef ramsay die?

no he still alive

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