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Zhu Di, the 3rd emperor of Ming Dynasty (also called Ming Chengzu or Yongle Emperor) moved the capital to Beijing, and gave order to begin the construction of the Forbidden City in 1406.

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Who initiated the construction of the imperial city in Beijing?

Yong Le

Who initiated the constrution of the Imperial City in Beijing?

the construction company

Is the forbidden city in Beijing?

Yes, the forbidden city is in Beijing, not much can be said about it's actual whereabouts in Beijing.

What city is the forbidden city in?

the "forbidden city" is in Beijing China

Can you visit the Forbidden City in Beijing?

Of course you can visit the Forbidden City in Beijing (they did in karate kid)

What city is the forbidden city located?

The Forbidden City is Beijing, China.

What country is the forbidden city?

the forbidden city is now in Beijing.

Forbidden city is actually located in?

The Forbidden City is in Beijing, China.

Within which city is the forbidden city?


What city is closest to the forbidden city?


In what Chinese city will you find the Forbidden City?

The Forbidden City is in Dongcheng, Beijing, China

Where is forbidden city?

The forbidden City is located in the exact centre of Beijing, China!

In what city of China is the forbidden city?

The Forbidden City is located directly in the center of Beijing China.

What is the city once called the Forbidden City?

Beijing in China was once called the forbidden city!

Is the temple of heaven in the forbidden city?

No!!! The Temple of Heaven is located in the southern part of Beijing. While the Forbidden City is located in the center of Beijing.

What is the absolute location of the forbidden city of Beijing?

The location of the forbidden city of Beijing is located in Beijing China and also when you ask a question don't put a big hint in the question.

What is the closest city to the forbidden city?

Beijing Apparently Redwall Hotel Beijing is right next to it

What country is Forbidden City in?

It is located in Beijing.

What chineses city will you find the forbidden city?

Beijing, China

Do people live in the Forbidden City?

The Forbidden City in Beijing is not forbidden anymore ever since the Quin Dynasty ended.

Why is Beijing referred to as the forbidden city?

Beijing isn't the forbidden city, the forbidden city is an area within Beijing which is made up of the buildings of the former imperial palace. The imperial palace was called the forbidden palace because back when China had an emperor entrance to the palace complex was forbidden to anyone who did not have express permission to enter from the emperor.

Which city is known as the Forbidden city?

THE EMPEROR HIS FAMILY AND THEIR SERVANTS The Forbidden City is in China, not Japan. Also, the Forbidden City is not actually a city. It is a palace. It is located in Beijing.

Why Beijing city is called the Forbidden City?

It was called the Forbidden City because it was forbidden for commoners or even uninvited nobility to enter its sacred precincts.

When was the Forbidden city built in Beijing?

From 1406 to 1420.

Where in china can you find the forbidden city today?