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Henry Ford invented Ford cars.


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Henry ford Henry ford

im not totally sure what your question is, but i think i know, if you are asking who invented cars: its Henry ford. if not sorry!

Henry Ford made the ford cars lolz apparently which is the first. ppl just add on stuff and made then new and stuff! i invented cars

yes the car was invented in 1896 by Henry ford

Gottlieb Daimler and Henry Ford

the reson he invented cars is to make are lifes easy than the olden times

No. Of course the Maya didn't have cars! Cars were invented by Henry Ford, in Detroit, which was settled much after the Mayan civilization disappeared.

Invent the T-model which is an engine for cars.

Cars were not invented in Canada, only in the USA with Ford being the first one. Japan and Germany followed Mercedes-Benz,Toyota and Nissan

No. There were no cars when Washington was alive. It will take well over a 100 years before cars will be invented.

um he invented the Ford trucks and cars. so yeah im pretty sure he did get an accopmlishment.

Henry Ford invented the modern "car" with the introduction of the model T in 1908.

Designers, builders, suppliers and inventors (such as Edison and Firestone who invented things to make the cars better).

There were no Ford cars or cars of any kind in 1800. The first practical automobile was invented in 1894 by German Karl Benz. The first car Henry Ford built was the Quadricycle in 1896. They are the same as cars today because they used an internal combustion engine fueled by gasoline.

Many consider the first supercars to be made by lamborghini, with the miura. But you also have to consider ford with their Ford GT at lemans.

henry ford he invented the model t ford and produced many of them quickly and fast

Back then only cars were for the rich people. Then Henry ford invented a car for a low price

No, cars were invented at the end of the 1800s

Henry Ford created the first Ford cars and Ransom Olds created the first Oldsmobile. Neither is considered an invention, as cars were invented previously, but this was the move to make them available to the public.

The person that invented the Ford was Henry Ford...

Because they are Ford cars, modified by Shelby.

It is an innovation. Cars were already invented, Mustang just topped all the others.

No, cars were not invented in the thirteenth century, they were actually invented in the seventeenth century.

Nothing Ford is still building cars currently.

Ford has made ove 8 billion cars

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