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It was invented at Hull University

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Sharp is the first compnay to use lcd in TVs

LED TV is best as it consumes less energy and is advanced than LCD technology

No. PDP is a Plasma Display panel, which is an entirely different technology than LCD or Liquid Crystal Display television.

No, they do not. Because of the technology, LCD televisions emit far less energy than standard televisions and do not emit radiation.

OLED TVs have a much shorter lifespan than LCD TVs and may have burn in issues. LCD TVs are a proven technology and are much more reliable at this point.

With 40 inches display screen, CCFL backlight technology and Dynamic/ Standard/ Clear Voice Technology, Sony Bravia 40 inches KLV-40BX450 Full HD LCD TV is best among 40 inch LCD Tv.

No because the LCD or plasma technology is relatively new. It also depends on the maufacturer. Panasonics plasma tv has a 100,000 lifespan versus 60,000 of an LCD. Plasma and LCD are not the same type of tv either.

Sony seems to always be on the cutting edge of LCD TV technology. However Sharp has one of the better displays.

Sharp was the first company to sell LCD televisions.Sharp was the first company to sell a flat-panel LCD television.

LED TV is similar to plasma TV. Unlike a LCD TV, it is a new technology that targets energy-efficiency and has a more complete color palette. LCD TV, on the other hand, is generally cheaper and more developed.

LCD, LED, and plasma televisions are all HDTV (high definition televisions). They differ in technology, the latest on the market being LED.

LCD TVs were initially meant for the portable market because they did not consume as much battery. The first commercially available LCD was made by Casio in 1983.

An excellent addition to any home bedroom, living room, or theater would be the LG 32-inch LCD TV. The television has many advantages compared to other television of its size. One advantage of choosing the LG 32-inch LCD TV is that it utilizes the LCD technology. The LCD technology provides a viewer with an extremely clear image, which is unmatched by other television technologies. Furthermore, LG electronics has a strong reputation for producing the best and most reliable LCD televisions. This will ensure that you will get the best experience possible out of the TV and that it will last for years to come.

LCD is a more developed technology, however LED TV is clearly the best for it has more energy-efficiency and features such as a more complete color palette.

The best LCD led TV is made by Sony. They have always made the best quality televisions with the newest technology. Their prices are reasonable compared to their competitors in the market.

Westinghouse LCD tvs are made to last with the best and latest technology and parts. You can have all your questions answered at Find answers and look at blogs.

LED Back-light gives a better contrast ratio as compared to LCD. The resulting image in case of LED is smoother, sharper, and vivid. The color reproduction is also far more superior. But Technology wise there isn't much of a difference. LED TV is just an LCD TV with LED Back-light

Liquid Crystals were discovered almost a century ago, and first appeared in devices in the 60's. The first active-matrix lcd monitor was invented in 1972.

An LED TV would be better than an LCD. LED TV technology is a step forward in monitors and televisions as the backlighting is a line of white LED's instead of a florescent tube. This reduces heat, power consumption, and the thickness the television has to be.

Its an LCD TV that uses LEDs to light the display. They place LEDs across the entire back of the display, or around the perimeter. They use less power than plasma TVs and LCD TVs lit with fluorescent tubes.

HD television has been around for a number of years so most televisions sold today are HD. However, because a television uses LCD technology does not automatically make it an HD television. There are still a few standard definition LCD televisions being sold in 2012 and will continue to be sold for some time to come.

The types of TVs are LCD, Plasma, DLP, rear projection, front projection, and the older CVT. Plasma TVs are the best :)

TV = Television LCD= Lichid Crystal Display

There are four major types:LCD (Invented in 1968)Plasma (Invented in 1964)LED (Invented in 1977)OLED (Invented in 2007)

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