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Who invented Madden?

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EA Sports is the company. John Madden is the namesake for it.

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Who invented hot topic?

Orv Madden ,invented the hot topic in 1989

How was Madden made?

It was invented by EA Sports and created by a bunch of people.

Who was the person that invented the NFL?

Drew Madden came up with NFL. And is dead in Baltimore.

What year was Madden invented?

The Madden video game first came out in the year 1988. This game was created for the computer. The games have grown with technology. There are now 17 games.

Is there Madden challenge in Madden 10?

There is no madden challenge in Madden NFL 10.

What are the songs on Good Charlotte Cardiology?

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How do you use madden cards in madden 07 for psp?

Go on my madden and then you will see madden cards.

Does John Madden talk in madden 12?

In the game madden only talks when you go to "ask madden"

Is Madden the same brand as Steve Madden?

Madden girl is if you mean that

Is there madden moments in madden 12?

on Xbox theres madden moments.

What is the hardest difficulty to play on madden?

the hardest difficulty on madden is all madden

What do you do with madden points in madden 07?

You spend them in madden cards to get new cards

What Madden games work in a dsi XL?

madden 01-madden 09

Which Madden game is the best?

Madden 11 is going to be the best madden game. As the years go on they might make a madden 3000.

Where can you find Madden NFL 09 madden card codes?

what is the code for madden 09

What is the ages to play in madden nation madden 09?

you must be 18 to be on Madden Nation but the PS3 had a madden competion and u only had to be 13

Did John Madden create Madden?

No my father and grandfathers name is john madden and you must be more specific like who created madden nfl

How do you get to play on madden nation?

you play madden

What is the oldest madden game?

madden 1989

Is madden 08 old?

madden '10 is out

How do you get Favre in madden 2010?

get the update for madden....

What should you get madden 10 or madden 11?

you should get madden 11 its better and it's recent?

Is madden 12 the last madden game?

No, Electronic Arts has no intentions of stopping the Madden series.

Should you buy Madden 13 or madden 12 hall of fame edition?

madden 13

What has the author Charlotte Madden written?

Charlotte Madden has written: 'Charlotte Madden, home remedies'