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Isaac newton invented Newtons.

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2010-12-13 19:20:59
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Q: Who invented Newtons?
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Related questions

Why did newton invented newtons laws?

Newton invented his laws to describe motion.

When were Newtons laws of gravity invented?

the laws of gravity were invented sometime in 1666

Who invented Newtons Laws?

Sir Isaac Newton

Who invented the law of energy?

It was Sir Issac Newton (also invented the unit of weight 'Newtons')

Who invented newtons second law of motion?

The clue is in the question.

What was isaac newtons contrabution to mathematics?

Newton "invented" "applied mathematics" and calculus.

What are the inventions of Sir Isaac Newton?

He invented infinitesimal calculus, reflecting telescope and explained gravity. He also invented the newtons. They are the measurement of some forces.

Did Sir Isaac Newton invent Fig Newtons?

No, Charles Roser invented the fig newton.

What was isaac newtons math field?

Newton was primarily a physicist. He invented calculus in order to understand and explain the laws of physics. He and Leibniz in Germany independently invented the calculus.

What did Issac newton invented?

He invented the modern telescope that is used in all observatorys (he based if off of Galileo's telescope that used magnifying glass and no mirror, newtons used mirrors)

Who invented velocity?

the person who discovered velocity was newton. so you should look up newtons theory on velocity.

What does quantum mechanics have to do with Isaac Newton?

Nothing! Quantum mechanics wasn't invented until well after Newtons death.

Which is the greater force 10 newtons or 5 newtons?

10 newtons is 5 newtons (100%) greater than 5 newtons.

What were sir isaacs newtons contributions to mathematics?

He invented "The Calculus". There is some argument regarding who gets the most credit; Leibnitz and others contributed.

What is greater 20 newtons or 10 newtons?

10 newtons is a weaker force then 20 newtons

What is the difference in 200 newtons and 20 newtons?

180 Newtons.

What was Isaac newtons accomplishments?

what was isaac newtons accomplsihments.? what was isaac newtons accomplsihments.?

Isaac newton favorite food?

newtons favorite food is chicken pot pie and a side of orange juice. he also like astronaut pie. he invented gravy.

SI measure of force and weight?

Force is measured in Newtons. Weight is a force, therefore it is also measured in Newtons.Force is measured in Newtons. Weight is a force, therefore it is also measured in Newtons.Force is measured in Newtons. Weight is a force, therefore it is also measured in Newtons.Force is measured in Newtons. Weight is a force, therefore it is also measured in Newtons.

What is the weight of 54kg in newtons on earth?

54kg in newtons on earth weighs 529.2 newtons.

What is one sixth of 100 newtons?

1/6 of 100 newtons is 16 2/3 newtons.

How many kilograms is 715 Newtons?

On Earth force in newtons equals roughly mass in kilograms x 9,8 newtons per kilogram. Force in newtons = mass in kilograms times 9.8 or mass in kilograms = force in newtons / 9.8. 73 kilograms are 715 newtons.

What are the units of forces?

newtons newtons

What is newtons method?

what is newtons method

What is the average weight of a watch in newtons?

45.2 newtons