History of Maritime
Middle Ages

Who invented a ship?

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Where was the first ship invented?

The first Ship was invented in Greek

Who invented ship?

The early Egyptians invented the first ship, in 3150BC.

Who invented a clipper ship?

Donald Mckay invented the clipper ship.

Who invented the clipper ship?

Donald Mckay invented the clipper ship:)

When was the first three masted ship invented?

1157-1199 was when the three masted ship was invented

When was the first Tudor ship invented?

the first ship was invented in the Netherlands flood when it was the olden days in the Netherlands

In what year was the steam powered ship invented?

it was invented in 1870

Who invented the first tall ship?

they were invented in 1067-NOW!

Who was the first person to invent the ship?

egyptians was invented the first ship

What was the type of ship the Portuguese invented called?

The ship was called astrolabe.

Who is the man invented ship?

Man with hammer invent ship. Ug!

Who was the ironclad ship invented by?


When were radios in ship invented?

in 1932

What happened when the Great eastern Steam Ship was launched?

It was so big ship. The ship was invented Brunel.

What year was the first ship invented?

sometime BC no one knows when it was invented.

Why was the lifeboat invented?

Because If They Was A Fire On The Ship Or Something They Use Lifeboats To Get Away From The Ship.

What is the greatest ship in the world?

The Titanic, (after that men have not yet invented a bigger ship than that.)

When was the first rocket ship invented?


Who invented the pirate ship?

Some guy...

What year was the silicon ship invented?

it was invented in 1958 by Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce

What are some of the items astronauts invented?

the invented astronaut food o and a rocket ship

What year was the spaceship invented?

The first space ship design was made by John Jockenhowser in 1453. NASA invented the modern space ship based on his designs.

How many cannons where there on henry Hudson's ship?

There were no cannons on Hudson's ship cannons were not invented yet

Who invented the cruise ship?

canard cruise line

Who invented the cargo ship?

The Egyptian in 535 BC.