Who invented bath tubs?

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The ancient Romans, along with many other plumbing innovations.

How do you remove the value stem in the bath tub?

Answer . It depends on the type of valve assembly. Some have a plastic cover that can be removed to reveal a screw. Once the screw is removed, the handle can be pulled off. At that point, the valve stem is the part sticking out. Older style valves have a smaller nut near the end of the valve ste ( Full Answer )

How do you clean a bath tub?

Answer . Baking soda with lemon juice (make into a paste and use rubber gloves) and use a sponge to rub it on the tub and leave for an hour. Go back and use SOFT steel wool for the tough spots and rinse well.

How to Painting bath tubs?

Tub and Tile Repair Kit . Try the Tub and Tile Repair Kit at Lowe's. It's a paint refinishing kit.

Can I use a water trough for a bath tub?

Hello. Yes ! We are building a new bathroom in a very old farmhouse. I have arthritis and need a deep soaking tub. We bought a horse trough at tractor supply that is 24" wide and 48" long. Just make sure that your floor can support the weight. Our plumber put in a drain like for a bathroom sink with ( Full Answer )

Which is better installing a bath tub liner or refinishing the bath tub?

Bath tub liners are bad for resale value. Some of them are made of harmful plastics that can leach phalates into the air and your bathwater and can be harmful to your family's health. Neither, Bath tub liners have many disadvantages and require allot of upkeep. liners simply cover up the problem, ( Full Answer )

How do you clan a porcelain bath tub?

Porcelain scratches easy so you dont want to use anything abrasive like a steel wool pad. Plain soap and rubbing with a nonabrasive cloth will work but is a lot of work. Try looking for a cleaning product that is made for the bathroom.

Bath tub spout does not turn on shower?

There is a rubber seal in the spout if it is missing or worn out you may have to replace to find out you may have to unthread the handle on the part where you lift up and the rest will slide out.

How do i unclog a bath tub?

Use a drain cleaner such a Liquid Plumber first. If that doesn't resolve the issue you may need to rent a pipe-snake to break up the clog. You could also call a plumber, however renting a pipe-snake is generally cheaper than a plumber.

Could Saturn float in a bath tub?

If you ever find a galactic bath tub, then yes, you could give Saturn a bath and it wouldn't disappear below the water. It's density is 0.687 g/cm³, which is less than the density of water, which is 1.0 g/cm³

What are the chances of drowning in a bath tub?

The chances of drowning in a bath tub depend on several things, most obvious of which would be your level of fatigue and/or the water level of a drawn bath - If said person is tired and fall asleep, they may eventually slide under the water level, although, in turn, this would wake said person, and ( Full Answer )

What are benefits of a walk in bath tub?

A walk in tub makes it easier for people with limited mobility toenter the tub, as they do not have to step over anything. Thesetubs usually come equipped with seats so that the user can batheeasily.

How big was Tafts bath tub?

The bathtub was 7 feet long and 3.5 feet wide. The tub was used for William to bath in.

What do you do if your phone falls in the bath tub?

Take it apart! Open it and take out first the battery, then all the other parts that can be removed. Wrap all parts except the battery in soft cloths (can be put in socks) and put them in a warm place (eg. hot press, radiator). battery should be kept in a room temperature. The phone should dry up an ( Full Answer )

How wide is a standard bath tub?

A standard bathtub in north America is 30 inches wide - NO variations -or else it becomes 'non standard'

Can you give your rabbit a bath in the bath tub?

No, you can't give your rabbit a bath in the bathtub. Anyway, it's a very bad idea. Here's why: It's not usually a good idea to bathe a rabbit at all. Rabbits are clean animals and they wash themselves. Baths can be very traumatic for rabbits, and for other reasons the rabbit can become ill from ( Full Answer )

How do you level a bath tub?

you . level. off. the. ground. below. the. bath. tub. in. your. garden. with. your. garden-. hoes. and . your pretty pink p okat dont undies .

Why do hands go wrinkly in the bath tub?

Osmosis is the process by which water will move through a semi-permeable membrane (in this case, your skin) from one area of higher water concentration to another area of lower water concentration, and since there is a higher concentration of water in the bathtub than in your skin, the water will fl ( Full Answer )

How do you clean an old plastic bath tub?

Just wash with soap and water. Simple. Step 1: Rinse tub floor with hot or warm water. Step 2: Sprinkle baking soda (a non-toxic antibacterial cleaner) on the tub floor. Step 3: Scrub with scrub brush, rag, or sponge and rinse and wipe clean.

How do you get bottom drain out of bath tub to replace tub?

The piece in the drain is screwed into the drain under the tub It is usually corroded and is not going to unscrew. You can use a sawsall or jig saw to cut the drain in 3 or 4 places around the opening and peel the piece out. You can also disconnect the drain under the tub and just leave it on the tu ( Full Answer )

Why is your bath tub turning blue?

Have you used any products? Bath bombs can sometimes cause this otherwise it is mould! i would try scrubbing to see how easily it comes off.

What did Archimedes find out in a bath tub?

Archimedes discovered volume displacement when he was in the bath tub because the weight of an object makes the water rise.But the volume of the water was constant.He then ran outside on the streets screaming,EUREKA!...naked

Who invented bath tub?

The first Bathtub was invented by John Michael Kohler. He did so when he enamelled a cast iron horse trough in 1883.People had been bathing in wooden and metal tubs for years before that.

Where is the water shut off for a bath tub?

Tubs usually do not have shut off valve for them. You have to shut off the main supply. Depending on how the house is plumbed, you may be able to shut the cold supply to the water heater and that will shut off both the hot and cold or the main line where it comes into the house.

Are you safe in the bath tub when its an f5?

In the path of an F5 tornado nothing guarantees survival, but ifyou do not have access tom some sort of underground shelter, abathtub on the lowest floor of your house may be the next bestthing. Remember than even if a tornado is an F5, there is a goodchance that the worst winds will miss you.

Are shower tubs as good as regular baths?

Yes, they can be, depending on the individual who the tub is for. Most of the time they are sold to older consumers who have a higher risk of falling. They do a good job, just like a regular bath.

Is it different from bath tub?

Bath tubs don't necessarily contain a shower, and a shower may not have a bath tub. Shower tubs are a combination bathtub and shower; the shower head is usually mounted above the bath tub, allowing for bathing and shower drainage.

Can lice live in bath tub?

yes,huge lice can live in your tap,they will grow rapidly until they fill your bath tub,then they will eat you from outside in feasting on your guts.

Why hide in a bath tub during a tornado?

The bath tub provides an extra layer of protection on the sides that could stop potentially deadly debris. Debris is the biggest threat in a tornado.

How do you seal a bath tub using Silicon?

Firstly ensure you have a Silicone Sealant gun or 'Caulking Gun',cut the end off the sealant tube at a slight angle. This allows thesealant to come out easier and means you can tilt the nozzleslightly to run along the edge of the bath. Some professionals willsimply wet the end of their finger to smo ( Full Answer )

How many liters does a bath tub have?

That depends on the size of the tub. If you know how many gallons it is rated at just multiply gallons by 3.785 to get the volume in liters.

Can rabits go in a bath tub?

Yes but it isn't very safe. You can only make the water very shallow and hold the rabbits head above the water. You mostly have the splash the water on the rabbit and rub the soap in.

Where can one find a vintage tub and bath?

There are some companies that offer vintage bath and tubs for home. The official website of Vintage Tub & Bath (Vintagetub) offers tubs and baths in vintage style. One can also find vintage tubs and baths at Amazon or Home Depot.

Where can bath tub toys be bought?

Bath tub toys can be found in a number of shops that sell baby products. Always be sure to buy a toy that is child friendly and does not contain small parts that can injure or endanger the child.

What are some cheap bath tub faucets?

There are a wide variety of different cheap bath tub faucets. Some examples of cheap bath tub faucets include waterfall faucets, modern faucets and LED facuets.

Where can one purchase walk in bath tubs?

You can purchase a walk in bathtub from places like Home Depot, Costco, and Lowe's. Your health insurance might be able to foot the bill, if you purchase a tub from the place of their choosing.

What are the categories for claw foot bath tub?

The categories for claw foot bath tub are all based on the size of the tub. Other than that, there are no categories which differ the classic claw foot bath tubs.

What are the benefits of walk in bath tubs?

The benefits of walk in bath tubs is that it provides independencefor those that are unable to get into a traditional bath andversatility. Most have comfortable seats so you can sit down, a jetsystem, and non slip floors.


Most modern bathtubs are made of acrylic or fiberglass, butalternatives are available in enamel on steel or cast iron;occasionally, waterproof finished wood. A bathtub is usuallyplaced in a bathroom either as a stand-alone fixture or inconjunction with a shower. The average time to empty a babyba ( Full Answer )