Who invented cameras?

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I believe it was Louis Daguerre who is largely credited as the inventor of the process and apparatus to take "Daguerreotypes". This apparatus was the precursor to, and may be considered one of the first, cameras. At least that's what I was taught in high school.

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When was cctv cameras invented?

who invented cctv cameras and what year was the first one invented.

How many different types of cameras have been invented?

about 400 cameras have been invented

What country invented portable video cameras?

The country that invented portable video cameras is....America

When were small lenses invented for digital cameras?

small lenses for cameras were invented in the late years

When was cameras invented?

they where invented in 1897 by Joesph Nicphore

Were cameras invented when Scott Joplin was alive?

Cameras were invented in 1891, that was 26 years before Joplin died.

In what year were cameras invented?

the camera was invented in the year 1839

Who invented CCTV Cameras?

The Nazi's

Where were cameras first invented?


Where were digital cameras invented?


What did Marvin Cameras invent?

Marvin Cameras invented a wire recording device in the 1930s.

Which country invented digital cameras?


Was sacagawea alive when cameras were invented?


Who invented the first camera?

Alexander Wolcot invented one of the first cameras.

What are some facts about cameras?

-Invented by George Eastman

What did people use before cameras where invented?


Who invented the cameras in the Victorian era?

Travis hudson

Photo of who invented abacus?

The abacus was invented before cameras and so no photograph exists.

Who invented film for cameras?

George Eastman of Eastman Kodak

Who invented victorian cameras?

William Henry Fox Talbot

Did Victorians invent cameras?

no it was invented d much later

When did people invent cameras?

First camera was invented in 1841.

What did artists do after cameras were invented?

They used cameras as well to capture scenes and then paint up after plus many used the cameras as a portrait capture as well. Painting has not gone away

Why were the first cellphone cameras invented?

I am sorry, but my server can not currently respond. :(

What was used before video cameras were invented?

Ordinary cameras that took 'still' photos. ------------------------------------------------------ No Before Video Cameras people used to use super 8mm and 8mm cine film cameras to take home movies.