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Who invented computer keyboard?

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Who invented the computer keyboard?

Christopher Latham Sholes invented the computer keyboard.

What country was the keyboard invented in?

The country that the keyboard was invented in depends on which type of keyboard. The musical keyboard and computer keyboards were invented in different countries.

How was the computer keyboard invented?

The computer keyboard was invented to provide a simple input device. It was designed to feel and look like a commercial typewriter keyboard.

Who invented the first computer keyboard?

Name:Christopher Latham SholesInvention:Computer KeyboardWhat year was it invented?1875

When was computer keyboard invented?


Where was the first computer keyboard invented?

The first computer keyboard was invented by Christopher Latham Sholes in 1875. First computer keyboards were adapted from the punch card and teletype equipment.

Who developed the computer keyboard?

Christopher Latham Sholes invented the QWERTY keyboard in 1875

Who invented the keyboard of computer?

the first computer keyboards were ordinary electric typewriters.

Who invented the mouse and keyboard of the computer?

Megan VanWatermeulen in 1812

Why was the keyboard invented?

why was the keyboard invented

Who was Invented keyboard of computer?

The invention of the modern computer keyboard began with the invention of the typewriter. Christopher Latham Sholes patented the typewriter that we commonly use today in 1868.

Who is the founder of keyboard?

The term "piano keyboard" is used to refer to the keyboard on a piano and to a synthesizer. The first piano was built by Bartolomeo Cristofori. The synthesizer was invented by Elisha Gray in 1876. Mathew Roper invented the QWERTY keyboard in 1875 when he produced the first commercial typewriter. The invention of the computer keyboard (QWERTY keyboard) starts with the typewriter.

What are the five parts of computer keyboard?

There are 5 part of computer keyboard

When was the keyboard stand invented?

the keyboard stand was invented in 2013

The advancements in the computer keyboard?

What are the advancements of the computer keyboard?

When was the computer keyboard invented?

existing electric typewriters were adapted for use on several early computers.

What is the difference in a us computer keyboard and foreign computer keyboard?

the keyboard symbols and operations of them

When and who invented the keyboard?

Christopher Latham Sholes invented the keyboard in 1875

Do they make a computer keyboard stand?

They make computer keyboard trays which are similar to to keyboard stands but they pull out from the desk or cart that the computer sits on. The computer keyboard stand is available but at a cost about $500.

When was the ergonomic keyboard invented?

paul garywas the man who invented the ergonomic keyboard

Who are invented first laser keyboard?

IBM are invented the first laser keyboard.

When was the basic PC keyboard invented?

The basic keyboard was invented during 1954.

Who invented the Braille keyboard?

The Braille keyboard was invented in 1836 by Wheatstone and Cook.

Inventor of computer keyboard?


Can a dell computer have a universal keyboard?

Any computer can have any keyboard...