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Who invented crisps?


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March 10, 2011 7:57AM

The Invention of Potato 'crisps' or 'chips' is often credited to one George Crum in 1853, a New York cook, though the legend of Georges thinly sliced fried potatoes may of helped popularise the dish it's unlikely that he invented them.

In her 1845 (also published in the USofA) book Modern Cookery for Private Families Eliza Acton gives a recipe labelled "Fried Potatoes", and suggests cutting peeled potatoes into thin shavings "… and throw them into plenty of boiling butter or very pure clarified dripping. Fry them of a fine light brown and very crisp." She then suggests that they should be drained of fat and served very hot with fine salt sprinkled on them.

Thus the recipe for Crisps pre-date Crums amusing tale, the name of the original creator of Crisps is probably lost in time.