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Who invented flutes?

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The flute has appeared in different forms and locations around the world and is probably the oldest instrument in the world. We don't know who first blew into a hollow bone and liked the sound. Flutes date back to prehistoric times. Read on for more.

A three-hole flute made from a mammoth tusk, from the Geißenklösterle cave in the German Swabian Alps and dated to 30,000 to 37,000 years ago, and two flutes made from swan's bones excavated a decade earlier from the same cave in Germany, dated to circa 36,000 years ago are among the oldest known Musical Instruments. The flute has been dated to prehistoric times. A fragment of the femur of a juvenile cave bear with two to four holes found at Divje Babe in Slovenia and dated to about 43,100 years ago may also be an early flute. Some early flutes were made out of tibias (shin bones). Playable 8000-year-old Gudi (instrument) (literally, "bone flute"), made from the wing bones of red-crowned cranes, with five to eight holes each, were excavated from a tomb in Jiahu, in the Central Chinese province of Henan.

In 2005 a flute made from a swan bone was dated to 30 000 - 35 000 BCE. Another flute segment was found made from a bear's bone at a neanderthal campsite estimated at about 43 000 up to 82 000 years old. It is the oldest known musical instrument.

The Bible: The flute was invented by Jubal, the first musician according to the Christian bible. Genesis 4:21. Also the Bible refers to Jubal as being the "father of all those who play the ugab and the kinnor." The term kinnor refers to some wind instrument, or wind instruments in general. Therefore, Jubal is regarded in the Judeo-Christian tradition as the inventor of the flute.

Theobald Boehm (or Böhm) - A Bavarian inventor and musician, may have invented the modern flute.

See the related link for more information.

Theobald Boehm invented the modern day flute in 1847 but drawings of flute like instruments were seen in early cave drawings

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The Flute is very ancient instrument. neanderthal flutes made from pierced cave bear bones have been found which date back to 43,000 years ago. We are not sure if people at that time had names or even language.

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What year was flutes made?

Flutes where first invented in the early BC period. There is no specific dates

How long ago were flute invented?

Dating back to 37000 BC,the earliest found flutes were made of bone.The modern flute, as we know it, was invented in 1847. The flutes we see today are derived from pan flutes and tin whistles originally popularized in Europe in the 12th and 14th centuries

When were the flutes invented?

The oldest flute to date was discovered in a cave in Hohle Fels near Ulm, Germany that was 35,000 years old. It has a v-shaped mouthpiece and made from a vulture wing bone. So technically, flutes were not invented, for they were only discovered.

What are the types of flutes?

There are many different kinds of flutes. There are normal C flutes, bass flutes, alto flutes, and piccolos for example.

When were flutes invented?

Most historians agree that it is among the oldest musical instruments and came from Central Asia. The flute was said to be invented 200 B.C.

Are flutes pretty?

flutes ARE pretty!

What are the different types of flutes?

nose flutes

How long are flutes?

flutes are 67.5 cm long

How many of types of Flutes are there?

there are 7 types of flutes

Who invented the bamboo flute?

There are heaps of bamboo flutes from all over the world... So, which country? if its India, then it was Pannalal Ghosh .....

What phobia is the fear of flutes?

aulophobiaThe fear of the flutes is known as aulophobia. It can be defined as an abnormal and persistent worry of the flutes.

Are Jean Baptiste flutes a good brand?

Jean Baptiste flutes are reliable, reasonably priced starter flutes.

Do flutes have reads?

No Flutes are aerophones so they don't have reeds

Do flutes have reeds?

No Flutes are aerophones so they don't have reeds

Are there flutes in a marching band?

Yes, there are flutes in a marching band.

When was Miyazawa Flutes created?

Miyazawa Flutes was created in 1969.

Are fipple flutes kinds of flutes?

No, they are types of tin whistles and recorders. :)

What were some of the earlier flutes made of?

The earlier flutes were made of wood.

When was Pearl Flutes created?

Pearl Flutes was created in 1968-04.

How do a flute and a clarinet differ?

There are many differences between flutes and clarinets. Flutes are held horizontally, and clarinets are held vertically. Flutes do not require reeds to be played, and clarinets do. Flutes generally play higher notes than clarinets.

Where can one get a Xiao flute?

There are a few websites which sell Xiao flutes. For instance, Xiao flutes may be purchased from the DH Gate, Old Flutes, and Shopping China Now websites. Sometimes these flutes are also listed on eBay.

What were medieval flutes made of?

Medieval flutes were usually made entirely of wood. There were transverse flutes and beaked flutes. We do not see all that many wooden transverse flutes today, though they are made and sold for various kinds of music. Beaked flutes include recorders, which were used in the Late Middle Ages or earlier in a form very like what is widely available in music shops today.

Where in the world do people play flutes?

People all over the world play flutes.

What is a straight flute called?

Most flutes that are played in America are called Transversial flutes.

Is there such thing as a phobia of flutes?

Yes, this phobia of flutes does exist.It is officially called Aulophobia.

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