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The first of the instant cold packs was a liquid-type invented by Albert A. Robbins and patented August 11, 1959. Robbins' "Chemical Freezing Package" involved and outer pouch containing two separate compartments for water and ammonium nitrate that would mix and freeze when the user split a perforation between the two - say by hitting or snapping the package as we would with the modern variety.

Robbins' patent was assigned to Kwik-Kold of America. Parent company Cardinal Health continues to market this, and the more recently invented gel-type cold packs, to this day.

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Q: Who invented instant cold packs?
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Who invented cold packs?

Cold packs were invented 25 years ago by Cardinal Health.

Where can you find ammonium nirate?

inside most instant cold packs

What happens to the reaction during endothermic and exothermic reaction?

endothermic absorbs energy from the surrounding environment -think instant cold packs. Exothermic gives off energy to the surrounding environment - think instant hot packs.

What happens when you mix ammonium nitrate and water togather?

they react together to become very cold that's why its used in instant cold packs.

Does nexcare instant cold packs have amonia nitrate?

According to the msds it should, if you can see 2640 written on it anywhere.

Who invented instant noodle?

Momofuku Ando invented instant noodlesMomofuku Ando invented instant noodles

How do you use instant cold packs?

There's an ampule inside them. Bend until you can hear the ampule break, then shake them to start the chemical indothermic reaction.

What is a substance that dissolves endothermically?

Examples include Urea [CO(NH2)2], Potassium Nitrate [KNO3] and Ammonium Nitrate [NH4NO3]. All are commonly found in "Instant cold packs" that become cold when you rupture the inner bag by depressing the pack gently but firmly. When then inner water makes contact with the chemicals listed above inside the outer bag of the pack, the endothermic reaction begins. This is the source of the cold temperature these types of Instant Cold Packs produce.

Why can't you refreeze instant cold packs?

actually, you can.

Do first aid instant cold packs expire?

Technically no they don't. However the chemicals can break down and the packaging can deteriorate. I would replace them every couple of years.

Are sodium acetate instant heat packs mixtures?

Yes, the compound in the packs is a supersaturated solution of sodium acetate.

Why do cold packs feel cold?

ammonium nitrate

How are Cold packs used?

Cold packs and ice bags are placed on a localized site and provide topical relief

Why do ice packs get so cold?

the ammonium nitrate used in most common ice packs retains cold temperatures

Who invented Carnation Instant Breakfast?

Carnation Instant Breakfast was invented in 1964. Carnation does not list the inventor on its website.

What happens to energy in an endothermic reaction?

Energy (in the form of heat) is absorbed from the environment during endothermic reactions. Instant cold packs, for example, become cold when the ammonium nitrate and water are mixed. As the chemical reaction takes place, it absorbs heat, which is why the pack feels cold.

Why is it necessary to squeeze cold packs?

Instant cold packs consist of two substances that are kept separate until they need to mix. In most cases they consist of some salt, such as ammonium nitrate, contained in an outer bag with water in an inner bag. Squeezing the pack breaks the inner bag, releasing the water, which dissolves the ammonium nitrate. This process absorbs heat, making the pack cold.

Is there chemical reactions in hot and cold packs?

Yes, hot packs have exothermic reactions (the contents create heat) and cold packs have endothermic reactions (they require heat to occur, therefore making the surroundings colder). In hot packs its a reaction between water and a salt solution, and in cold packs its normally water and ammonium nitrate. peeace

Who invented instant pudding?

Actually, "instant" pudding that is made with cold milk and does not have to be cooked was invented by my father, George T. Bravos, when he worked for the American Maize Products Company as a food chemist. The product's name was "Amazo," and it was available on the American market in 1949.

Formula of ammonium nitrate?

The formula of ammonium nitrate is NH4NO3. By the way, to make ammonium nitrate, add nitric acid to ammonia. Ammonium nitrate is used commercially in instant cold packs.

What keeps lunch cold?

Ice packs keeps lunches cold.

When was instant messaging invented?


When was the instant camera invented?


Can you recycle cold packs?

if you can see the lable for it then it is

What is it called when two substances get colder in a chemical reaction?

That is an ENDOTHERMIC reaction. It absorbs heat, rather than giving off heat. The instant cold packs in first aid kits use this property- they contain ammonium nitrate and water- which get cold when combined.