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Chemist, James N. Gamble, created the floating soap formula. In a document, found by Proctor and Gamble archivist, Ed Rider, James Gamble noted "I made floating soap today. I think we'll make all of our stock that way."

Many people believe that the invention of Ivory soap was an accident when a Proctor and Gamble employee went out to lunch and left the mixer on, but this is not true.

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Who invented the Ivory Soap?

James N. Gamble invented the ivory soap

Ivory soap is the only soap that floats Is this fiction or nonfiction?

Ivory soap is the only soap that can float.

What is in ivory soap?

Ivory soap bars are supposed to be nearly pure soap. Soap is made by combining fat and lye. This is not true of ivory detergents or liquid soaps.

How much was ivory soap in 1950?

From what I've read, Ivory soap was about 10 cents.

Ivory dish soap liquid ingredients?

ivory hand soap liquid ingredients

Does ivory soap melt?

No. Like other soaps, Ivory soap dissolves in water.

Is the ivory in elephant tusk in ivory soap?

no, it is a different kind of ivory

A soap whose name refers to the substance found in elephant tusks?

Known as 'Ivory Soap' it is produced by Procter & Gamble American Company.Ivory soap products.Ivory

What is the best soap to carve in?

ivory is the best soap for soap carving.

Is dove bar soap ivory soap?


What soap floats?


What is the best soap for pimples and oily skin?

Ivory soap

Does Ivory soap have alkaline?


What is the pH of Ivory Soap?


What is unique about Ivory soap?

It floats!

Can you buy ivory soap in Australia?

In Australia, it is very difficult to find Ivory Soap. It is hardly sold anywhere. But yes, you can buy it.

Does soap have a higher elasticity of demand than ivory soap?


What kind of soap do you use to carve?

ivory or any kind of bar soap.

Is ivory soap poisonous to dogs?

your a loser

Can ivory soap be used in place of Woolite?

If you mean Ivory, like the dishwashing soap, no it can't. It will bubble way up and out of the washer, personal experience.

How much soap did the soap dealer deal when the soap dealer did deal soap?

One bar of Ivory soap.

What was name of first soap sold at stores?

Ivory soap, a marketed mistake and sold as "the soap that floats in 1879 .was the first soap

Is Dawn Dish Soap or Ivory Dish Soap a nonionic wetting agent?

dawn is better than ivory because i did the experiment and it cleaned the cup completely and the ivory left some spots a little dirty

How old is Ivory?

Former WWE wrestler Lisa Moretti, aka Ivory, is 56 years old (birthdate: November 26, 1961). * the Proctor and Gamble brand "Ivory Soap" dates to 1879, as "the soap that floats."

What is something beginning with 'i' in the bathroom?

Ivory Soap

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