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The Jeep was invented in 1941 for the U.S. Military by The American Bantam car company. The final production was awarded to Willys as the military felt Bantam was too small a company to produce the necessary numbers needed. Ford also built the Jeep for the military using the Willys plans. Bantam, which was the inventor, produced only trailers for the Army and never made the Jeep. Willys called their Jeep the Model MB and Ford called theirs the Model GPW. Jeep was never a name the military used. It was only a nickname in the beginning.

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When Jeep invented?

The Jeep was a military vehicle invented by Bantam Car Company in 1940.

When was the first jeep invented?

it was invented in WWII or mkII

Where was the Jeep invented?

in Canada

When was jeep invented?


What year was the jeep invented?


What year was Jeep invented?


What country invented Jeep?

Russia did.

Who invented Jeep Wranglers?

The Companie Chrysler!

Where was Jeep invented?

Jeep was invented in 1940 and the first prototype was built in Butler, Pennsylvania by the designer the American Bantam Car Company on July 21, 1940.

When was the Jeep invented?

during world war 2

What year was the first jeep invented?

it's in 1930

Who is tayler zass?

Tayler zass is the first invented of car jeep

What year were airbags put in Jeep Wranglers?

Ever since airbags were invented.

Is Jeep made in the US?

Yes. Since Jeeps were invented, they have been built in Toledo, Ohio.

Who have invented the original US military jeep?

The original US military jeep was manufactured from 1941 to 1945. These small four-wheel drive utility vehicles are considered the iconic World War II Jeep, and inspired many similar light utility vehicles.

Why did Karl Pabst invent the jeep?

The Jeep was invented by The American Bantam Car Company based on specifications they got from the U.S. Army for use in World War 2. Karl Pabst was the engineer in charge.

Why was the Jeep invented?

It was invented in the war, so they could get around easily without using too many parts. JEEP Stands for Just Enough Essential Parts. The Jeep was originally a U.S. Military vehicle first produced in 1941 by Willys. It was invented to provide a vehicle that was 4 wheel drive, small, lightweight, simple, easy to repair, that could be used by the military to move troops quickly. The name Jeep, according to the U.S. Army does not mean Just Enough Essential Parts as the above answer says. That is absurd and 100% wrong. The word Jeep just means a small transport vehicle. It is even used by the Navy to describe small escort carriers, and the Army Air Corp Link Trainer. JEEP is an adaption of the letters GP, standing for General Purpose, vehicle.

Who invented the jeep?

The company bantam made it. I can't tell you who came up with the idea. I can however, tell you that it was made in Butler, Pennsylvania

What new technologies were invented to help the war effort in World War 2?

the jeep and the bouncing bomb and radar was developed (your welcome)

What is the Hebrew word for jeep?

jeep = jeep (ג׳יפ)

Where can you get replacement drain plugs for your jeep?

At you local Jeep dealer.At you local Jeep dealer.

What nicknames did Jeep Swenson go by?

Jeep Swenson went by The Ultimate Solution, Jeep Swenson, and Jeep The Mercenary.

Is it ride in a jeep or ride on a jeep?

You ride in a Jeep, standard way to say it.

When was The Autobiography of a 'Jeep' created?

The Autobiography of a 'Jeep' was created in 1943.

What is the duration of The Autobiography of a 'Jeep'?

The duration of The Autobiography of a 'Jeep' is 540.0 seconds.

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