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Key rings were invented in 1922 by a man called G Herluf Johnson, the actual ring part was invented by a juggler from Russia in the 1830's.
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Who invented the key board?

The QWERTY keyboard used in most modern English language computers was invented by Christopher Sholes in 1874. The layout has been modified and added to many times since then.

When was the first ring invented?

The use of rings goes so far back in history that it is unknown when it was first used. I have seen jewelry in museums that is 8,000 years old. The ancient people's wore rings made of various materials. Egyptians, Vikings, Celts, and other ancient people all wore rings.

Is styrofoam used too manufacture key rings?

It's probably not the best use for styrofoam because it wouldn't be too strong in the shape of a keyring. It has better uses when it is in big blocks.

What were some key inventions of the 1800s?

This site will tell you almost everything you need to know! http://inventors.about.com/library/weekly/aa111100a.htm The 1800s (19th century) saw the invention of steel, electricity,and other products that led to a second industrial revolution andprovided for the advent of railways and steamships. ( Full Answer )

When was the first key board invented?

Christopher Sholes invented the modern typewriter around l867 ? It was after the civil war as they were not used in that period. Sholes sold his patent to Remington until recently very much a business machines name. It is popularily believed,though with any fungible, mass-produced device such as a t ( Full Answer )

Who invented the cotter key?

The Cotter Key was invented by an Irish man named John Cotter in 1922. Originally used to hold fastners together on cabinets, Cotter keys found other purposes that seemed to be better suited than for that reason, such as, holding the Nuts on a bolt.

Who invented the allan key?

The Allen key, or hex key, was invented in 1910. It was invented byWilliam G. Allen, but first commercialized by P. L. Robertson.

Who invented the first ring?

No one knows who invented the first ring. Rings have been traced back to the ancient times and were carved from stone or made of iron, silver, gold or other materials.

Who invented the wedding ring?

Its beginnings lie in the deserts of North Africa , where the ancient Egyptian civilization sprang up along the fertile flood plains of the river Nile. This river was bringer of all fortune and life to the Pharaoh's people and from plants growing on its' banks were the first wedding rings fashioned ( Full Answer )

Where was the first lock and key invented?

The lock originated in the Near East, and the earliest known lock to be operated by a key was the Egyptian lock. Possibly 4,000 years old.

Who invented the first napkin ring?

Napkin rings are an invention of the European Royalty, after Lady Danielle Parrish used them to identify her napkins between washings. They first appeared in the 1800s in Paris and then spreadto all countries in the western world.

Who first invented the Olympic rings?

The founder of the modern Olympic Games, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, originally designed the symbol in 1913 Actually, what actually happened was that some people found the sign carved on a piece of rock and thought that the Greek actually came up with the symbol. Baron Pierre de Coubertin introduced ( Full Answer )

Invented The Ring-Pull Cans?

the answer was Albert Ringpull in 1939 to help efficency in WW2. It was invented to allow troops to have their favourite drinks such as coke and sprite and ration packs were easier to access

Who invented the ring flash?

The Ring Flash was invented and patented by Lester Dine in 1952. The flash was designed as a tool for dentists to provide light deep inside the mouth. It is currently market to the dental and medical field by Lester A. Dine Inc. at www.dinecorp.com.

Who invented the key ring?

keyring were invented in 1922 by a man called G. Herluf Jhonson, the actual ring part by a juggler from Russia in 1830's.

Why were tongue rings invented?

Well they are not called "rings" they are "barbells" and if they were not invented then there would be no tongue piercings to look at.

Who invented the colors of the olympic rings?

originally designed in 1912 by Baron Pierre de Coubertin , the founder of the modern Olympic Games. These five rings stand for passion, faith, victory, work ethic, and sportsmanship.

What is the history of the key ring key fob or key chain?

A keychain or key chain is asmall chain , usually made from metal or plastic , that connects a small item to a keyring. Thelength of a keychain allows an item to be used more easily than ifconnected directly to a keyring. Some keychains allow one or bothends the ability to rotate, keeping th ( Full Answer )

Where was mood rings invented?

Where are they invented? Don't worry Iam stummped too. I am guessing if you go to Wikipedia that may say. . goodluck . Where are they invented? Don't worry Iam stummped too. I am guessing if you go to Wikipedia that may say. . goodluck

Who invented he key board and when?

It is probably not recorded exactly who started to produce keyboard instruments, but organs were certainly produced in the 1300s, so the date may be before that.

What year was the key chain invented?

Keys, and thus keychains, were invented many hundreds of years ago, probably thousands of years ago. At that time people did not keep day to day records of who did such things and when.

What word goes before key and after ring?

no word because key is starts with a k and r ing starts with ran example. abcdefghij()klmnopqr()stuvwxyz. no word can go to both spots so a proper question would be what word comes before ring andafter key you would just need to look in a dictionary if you dont have one three examples are kite, mo ( Full Answer )

How do you get your steel key ring back if you lose it on runescape?

A new one can be bought from Yanni Salika in Shilo Village for 500 coins. Although, all the keys you had on it will be gone. So you will also have to retrieve them again. If you know which keys you had on it, and need help finding out how to get them, email me at tylerjennings@wild4music.com, or at ( Full Answer )

Who invented the ring pull?

The ring pull was invented by Ermal Cleon Fraze in 1962. Fraze'sinvention was intended to make transportation of drinks to WW2soldiers easier.

How many people have key rings?

most everybody has one. some people have 7 so you could say the population of china and the USA

What are bad things aboutmetal key rings?

Metals, all of them, conduct heat, sparks, and lightning. that is why Army Issue watches usually have cloth or leather straps or bands.

Why does the key left in the ignitionbell keeps ringing 2003 Avalon when the key is removed?

Audible Warning Does Not Turn Off . I suspect that the tiny switch which senses the key in the ignition switch is "sticking." . Try spraying a little WD-40 into the ignition key slot, and then insert the key, turn the switch to on then off, and remove the key. . Repeat this procedure several time ( Full Answer )

On Big Ben what key does the bell ring?

It is in the key of E Major . The big bell is tuned to E. The quarter chimes are tuned to G sharp, F sharp, E and B. See the Related Links .

Where was the first key invented?

The original lock and key system was used by Egyptians over 4000 yrs. ago, as discovered by archaeologists. They were crude, and made of wood, but they were the forerunners of the lock and key system we still use today.

Who invented key lime pie?

No one knows who invented key lime pie. The particular lime called the Key Lime was brought to America by the Spanish. Key Lime Pie would have been created after condensed milk had been invented. True key lime pie requires juice from the round Key Lime and not the juice from the oblong Persian Lime. ( Full Answer )

Why is a clarinet is called a 6 ring 17 key?

The most common clarinets use the Boehm system of fingering. There are a series of holes in the instrument that are covered by the fingers (and left thumb), as well as many other holes that are covered by padded keys. Six of the seven holes that are covered directly by fingers or thumb have metal ri ( Full Answer )

When was the first computer key board invented?

The invention of the modern computer keyboard began with the invention of the typewriter. Christopher Latham Sholes patented the typewriter in 1868. In 1948, the Binac computer used an electromechanically controlled typewriter to both input data directly onto magnetic tape (for feeding the computer ( Full Answer )

Who invented sonic's power rings?

sonic's uncle, uncle chuck(sir charles hedgehog) invented them. the power of the power ring comes from a powerfull stone called the power stone. the power is then trapped into the ring and then sonic uses that power to give him a boost.

Who invented the keys ctrl and alt and what they do?

These keys were first used on microsoft computers, CTRL stands for Control it is used as a short cut to do certain tasks such as copying, pasting, saving, deleting and even printing there are many more. The ALT key stands for Alter it is used for a bunch of other commands.

Where can you purchase photo key rings?

Photo key rings are commonly available in nearly all major department stores. They also can be easily found in gift shops worldwide. They are an extremely common item.

Where can one view pictures of personalized key rings?

Vista print you can choose from obe of the many designs or upload your own design or photo. Amazon has a range of keyrings in different designs and you can have your special message engraved on it for a reasonable price.

Where could one purchase blank key rings?

One can purchase blank key rings from a variety of retailers, including ones local lock and key shop. One can also purchase blank key rings in-store via retailers such as Walmart, or online with websites like Amazon.

When was the key card first invented?

While there is not sufficient data of the exact time the key card was first invented, according to Popular Mechanics, the key card was first commercially used in 1954 in an unattended parking lot. Surprisingly, this key card worked in a similar fashion as we know it to be used today.

Does a coach key ring sell for much?

Coach key rings sell for quite a bit of money. Typically, Coach brand key rings sell for prices such as fifty dollars or sixty dollars depending on where they are sold.

What can Coach key rings be used for?

Coach key rings may be used for car keys, house keys, locker keys, storage shed keys, lock box keys, to clip your cell phone to, to clip your wallet to, or simply for decoration.

Where and when was the key invented?

Very probably in ancient Egypt, 6,000 years ago. The oldestsurviving key to have been discovered by archaeologists was made ofwood and was found in the ruins of the Assyrian city of Nineveh. Itwas used to lock a door in the palace of King Sargon who livedaround 2,300 BC, so over 4,000 years ago. "Th ( Full Answer )