Who invented loudspeakers?

The first speaker ever invented was by Graham Bell, as part of another invention, the telephone. Then, a couple of years later moving-coil speakers were patented by two men. The first box enclosed speaker system was made by Cabesse, a french company. I will do more research on this company and update the answer as soon as possible. :)

After hours of research, I found that Cabesse is still a french loudspeaker company, with very expensive speaker systems.... Even more expensive than Bose speakers, and those are good speakers. Their speakers are not very appealing, but for the price the speakers must sound great! The prices are outrageous though, so dont buy them, and I think they are sold seperately. More info. will come in as research continues!

I hope my answers are rather informative, as I do research to the best of my ability.

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In 1876, Alaxander Graham Bell produced the first loud speaker as part of his invention of the telephone.
alexander gram bell