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Who invented paper and when?

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It was discovered that a Chinese scholar by the name of Tsai Lun had invented paper by 105 A.D. He invented it by draining fibers of wood into water and compressing it together.
Tsai Lun invented the paper and it was invented on 1718.

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Where in China was paper invented?

paper was invented in shai lung

Who invented paper in 5 ce?

1. Who invented paper?

Where were paper towels invented?

Paper towels were invented in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Scott Paper Company invented paper towels for kitchens in 1931 and are now the leading manufacturer of paper towels.

What Chinese dynasty invented paper?

the Han Dnasty invented paper:)

Who invented Chinese paper money?

the chinese invented paper money

When was waxed paper invented?

Wax paper was invented in 1872 by edison.

Who invented the paper clip and how?

Johan Vaaler invented the paper clips

Who invented paper and why?

the Chinese invented paper for scrolls (ancient books)

When was paper invented in the Han Dynasty?

Paper was invented in 206 BC

When did ancient greek invent paper?

If you're talking about who invented paper. Ancient Egypt invented the paper

Which ancient culture invented paper and money?

The Ancient Chinese invented paper and money. Money was invented by the first king of China and paper was invented by a man in China by bamboo.

Who invented the paper?

a Chinese guy called Cai Lun invented paper

How were paper towels invented?

they werw invented by quality of using paper bissnochs

Who invented paper money in china?

the han dynasty invented the paper money

Who invented the liquid paper?

Bette Nesmith Graham invented liquid paper.

During which dynasty was paper invented?

paper was invented during the Tang dynasty

Where was the paper you use today was invented?

The paper we use today was invented in China.

Who invented paper from trees?

Tshai Lun, Paper was inventedin ancient China

How was origami invented?

it was invented with paper

Who invented the first paper towel?

Arthur Scott invented Paper towels Scott Paper Company In 1931.

How invented toilet paper holder?

Joseph Gayetty invented toilet paper in 1857

When was liquid paper invented?

Bette Nesmith Graham invented Liquid paper in 1951.

Who invented charmin toilet paper?

Charmin was actually invented by Hoberg Paper Company.

Who invented paper towles?

Very probable they were invented at Scott Paper Company in 1907.

Who invented viva paper towels?

Author Scott invented viva paper towels

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