Who invented schools?

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The word 'school' has its origin in ancient Greece where it meant, among other things, a discourse between teacher and student, elder/younger, tradesman/apprentice etc. By the bronze age, 3000 BC, there were schools in Egypt and west Asia. In China probably earlier.

Schooling goes back past 5,000 B.C. No one knows the exact name of the person but whoever he was he was Sumerian. The Sumerians were the first civilization. Then Babylonians, Medes, Chadleans, Assyrians, New Babylonians, Persians, Egyptians.

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The Greeks invented schools. Aristotle opened the first school. Plato was a student of his.

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How invented schools?

my mum

Who invented Catholic schools?

.Catholic AnswerHistorically, Benedictine monks "invented" Catholic schools back in the Middle Ages.

When did they invented schools?

Dale Bransoy invented the school in the early 1700's.

Who invented f1 in schools?

saiba shah

When was schools invented?

I n acient greeece in 1b.c

When were schools for poor victorians invented?

in the 1800's

Who was the person who invented schools?

a man named horce mann

Is education invented by the Romans?

No, for instance the Greeks had education/schools.

What year did schools introduce computers?

i don't know when schools introduced computers but the internet wasn't invented until 1995!

What country invented schools?

It is nearly impossible to figure out who exactly was the first to develop schools, but it is believed that the country where they were first invented was Greece. There is debate over whether the Byzantines or Hellenists were the first to start a school.

How schools were invented?

a evil queen named Mary got angry at her daughter princess elizabeth and invented a school to punish her

Did the Victorians invent schools?

yes they invented the first school for boys and girls

Who invented the smart bored?

David Martin invented the touch-sensitive Smart Board. Used in schools, a relatively new product.

Where did Herbert Hoover go to middle school?

When Hoover went to school they didn't have middle schools. Middle schools are a modern idea that has happened in the last 30 years. He was born in 1874. That is only 10 years after the civil war and in 1855 schools were starting to expand and change. In 1874 the first high schools opened. When he was born the car hadn't been invented, the phone wasn't invented, the zipper wasn't invented nor was the elevator or light bulb.

Who invented the sport AFL and in what year?

Was invented by two APS private Melbourne Boys schools, Scotch College and Melbourne Grammar, in 1858.

Who invented the smartboard and when?

The smart board is used by loads of schools its inventor is Samantha Oriz.

When was the school lockers invented?

There is no recorded date of when the first locker was invented, but the concept behind personal storage at schools has been around for hundreds of years.

When to use artificial respiration?

look it up stupid thats why they invented compyters dictionarys and schools

What did franz nachtegall invented?

His was not an inventor, hes is known because he introduced Physical Education into the schools of Denmark

When was Crazy Eights invented?

The exact date when Crazy Eights was invented is not known but it originated in Venezuela where it was played in schools as early as in the 1970s. "Crazy Eights Countdown," a version of Crazy Eights that has a longer playing time, was invented by Christopher Obacz in 1990.

When were schools invented?

The concept of grouping students together in a centralized location for learning has existed since at least Classical antiquity. Formal schools have existed at least since ancient Greece (academy), ancient India (gurukul) and ancient China. The term school is from the Latin, but the Romans did not invent the concept of formal education.

Who invented the game of futball?

A. Futbal/soccer was invented by Europeans in the 1860 than became a popular sport in schools and collages. p.s. I'm right if you go on and type "who invented soccer" then when it pops up go to the second one and click it, then read away.

What important events occurred in the Han Dynasty?

Schools and waterwheels were invented in the time of the Han dynasty. (206 BC - 220 AD)

Did Thomas Jefferson invent school? school was invented in ancient times. back then it was only for certain people. In Mesopotamia they had scribe schools

When was homework invented?

Homework has always been in schools it just wasn't known as homework Homework was invented after the Industrial Revolution - before that, there were no schools the way you know them. Rich kids could afford to have an education and they usually had their own teacher. Regular kids went to work around age 6-10, either in a factory or as an apprentice to someone who taught them a job.

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