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Who invented scissors?

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Modern cross blade scissors were invented in ancient Rome around

100 AD, and were used by clothes makers and barbers. The invention

of scissors that can be traced back to the earliest use of the

lever was first described by Archimedes around 260 BC.

Scissors made of one piece of metal were most likely invented

about 1500 BC in ancient Egypt. Researchers have found in ancient

Egyptian ruins an early pair of scissors. Common use of scissors

did not become popular until quite a bit later about the 1500s in


Leonardo Da Vinci has often been cited as the inventor of

scissors, but he did not invent the modern concept. Whilst Da Vinci

is most frequently credited for inventing scissors with two

separate pieces of metal attached at a central pivot point, tools

with a similar look and function, yet clearly a different tool,

have been dated in 1500 BC, long before Da Vinci was born. They

were essentially the same tool but bearing a different name.

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