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The digital compact disc, now commonplace in stereos and computers, was invented in the late 1960s by James T. Russell. The first floppy was made by IBM around 1970 (this was an 8" floppy). The 5 1/4" floppy was introduced in 1976 and Sony pioneered the 3 1/2 floppy with a hard shell in 1981.

It is True cause ibm OWNES Actually, it was Invented by Yoshiro Nakamatsu in the 1970's but he licensed the patents to Sony so gets no credit for inventing the basic technology.

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Q: Who invented the CD and floppy and when?
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What do you use floppy disk drives for?

For putting a floppy disc in. Floppy discs were used a lot in the 1970's as CD's were not invented until the 1980's

Copy old floppy discs to cd?

You can copy 464 floppy's on a CD

Is floppy disk is same as CD's?

No, the floppy disk was really square and floppy. It was the original storage for the earliest PCs. Later there was a "floppy disk" that was smaller and hard. After that the round and hard CD.

What's the date of when the floppy disk was invented?

wat's the date of when the floppy disk was invented? wat's the date of when the floppy disk was invented?

Five different between floppy disk and CD disk?

There are a number of differences between CD and floppy discs. Floppy discs are magnetic and use magnetism to store data, CD drives are optical and read pits in a reflective surface using a laser. CD's have a much higher data density than floppy discs. CD's are a much higher capacity and can be read at much higher speeds than floppy discs.

What is the difference between CD and Floppy?

A CD is round and you can watch stuff on it and can record stuff on it. A floppy a downloading thingy.

How many floppy disks equal one CD-ROM?

A CD-R or CD+R (700 MB) = 486 floppy disks = 699.84 MB

Copy a program on floppy disk to a CD?

to do this you must first save what ever is on the floppy disc onto your computer or laptop and then transfer the file from the floppy on to an empty CD disc and then it is done

A CD holds how much more than a floppy disk?

A cD holds 600 times more than a floppy disc.

How many floppy disks can one CD hold?

A CD can hold the equivalent of approximately 486 1.44 MB floppy disks.

Which country invented the floppy disk?

The computer floppy disk was invented in the United States.

Which disk holds the most data DVD or CD-RW or Floppy or CD-R or CD-ROM?

DVD - 4.7GB CD-RW - 60MB CD-R - 700MB 'Floppy' - unspecified. Typical PC floppy disk is 1.44MB, highest recorded capacity for a floppy disk variant is 200MB. Out of the above, the DVD holds the most by far.

Rank these storage methods in order of their storage capacity DVD floppy disk CD tape?

Tape, DVD, CD, Floppy Disk

Which is more important CD-ROM or floppy drive?

CDROM floppy drive

Rank these storage methods in order of their storage capacity DVD floppy disk CD-ROM tape?

Tape, DVD, CD, Floppy Disk

When was floppy disk drive invented?

it was invented in 1986

What allan shugart invented?


Can data be copied to a CD just like a floppy?

Data can be copied to CDs (Compact Discs) which are writable/rewritable and need a CD/DVD burner to write data. The difference between a floppy and CD is that floppy is a magnetics media and CD an optical media (read/write happens with help of a laser light). - Neeraj Sharma

How did you assemble CD-ROM and floppy?


Does a CD ROM hold more than a floppy disk?

Yes. A typical CD holds about 700MB whereas a 3.5 inch floppy disk only holds about 2MB.

What is the difference between floppy drive and CD- ROM?

Floppy drives are small and have less space to store information and they break easily. nowdays hardly some pc's have floppy drives. while cd-rom have more storage space, they are tough to break and all pc's hav cd-rom drives

Can CD-r drive be used as a floppy drive?

No because a floppy drive is rewritable, as CD-R's are not. You should invest in a CD-RW (ReWritable) or a USB Disk Drive (Come in a ll sizes from 64MB - 1 TB)

When were floppy drives first invented?

The floppy disc drive was invented at IBM in 1967. It used 8" floppy discs. The first floppy disc drive in an IBM personal computer appeared in 1981. By this time the original 8" floppy disc had been replace by a 5.25" disc.

Difference between floppy disk and CD?


How do you maintain a floppy disk?

put the files on a CD...