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Who invented the PS3?

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The PS3 is considered to have been invented by Former Sony CEO of the Sony computer Entertain Ken Kutarai and is known as the father of the PlayStation and the PS2, PS3, and PSP.

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When was the first PS3 invented?

The first PS3 was invented in 2008.

When was the PS3 invented?


Where was the PS3 invented?


When was a PS3 invented?

it was release for sale in 2006 and invented earlier see related link for early PS3 models

When and where was the PS3 invented?

It was invented in Japan and work started on it in 2005.

Who invented PlayStation ps3?


What year was the ps3 invented?


What country was the ps3 invented in?


Why was the PS3 inventeD?

to compete with xbox 360

What person invented the PS3?

Ken Kutaragi

Who invented PS2 and PS3?

Sony Entainment

Who invented PS3 and why?

Sony. To make money.

How was the PS3 invented?

By a guy creating it with his imagination

Who invented PS3 console?

Sony entertainment

Why did they invented the PS3?

To compete with xbox 360

How was the PS3 started?

The PS3 was a sequel game console, since the PS1 and PS2 were already invented.

Where in Japan was the Playstation 3 invented?

the ps3 was invented in Sony headquarters in japan Minato.

What company invented the PS3?

The PS3 like the PS2 and original PlayStation were developed by a division of the Sony Corporation

Why PS3 was invented?

to compete with microsoft's xbox 360

Why invented PS3?

Blue ray, good quality

Who invented sims 3 for ps3?

EA Games and Sony

When and who invented the Playstation 3?

Sony invented the PS3 and it was released March 23, 2007 in North America.

What was the mans name who invented the PS3?

Ken Kutaragi is the ps3 inventors name but supposovly he has left sony last november.

Who invented Playstation?

The SONY company invented the PSP, PS2 and PS3, you can see the SONY logo on these game console.

When was psn invented?

The Playstation Network came out with the PS3 in November 2006