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Who invented the Windlass

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a mining tool the involes a rocker (i think)

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When was the Chinese windlass invented?

The Chinese, or differential, windlass was invented in 1582.

When was the windlass invented?

There are descriptions of windlasses (used to lift water from a well) in Spain in the 4th Century. The Chinese invented the differential, or Chinese windlass in 1582.

What is a windlass?

A windlass is a rope around an axle, used for winding and lifting. The rope and handle that lifts a bucket of water out of a well is a windlass.A:Windlass, noun, meaning any of various modifications of the wheel and axle employing a revolving cylinder, used for hoisting or hauling.verb intransitive, to use a windlass.verb transitive, to hoist by means of a windlass.alsoWindlass, noun, a circuitous movement, especially to intercept game; an indirect, crafty action.verb intransitive, to take a roundabout course.

What is a windlass made of?

Windlass is made of a bucket,rope,and a long piece of straight, round, strong timber

What is a windlass used for?

A windlass is used to move heavy weights. They usually have a horizontal barrel that is turned with a belt or handle.

How successful was the windlass in 1850?

The windlass was not very successful in the 1850's because it only went into a hole...That is all

What is a windlass used for in the 1930?

A windlass is used to move heavy weights - and is sometimes used on boats to raise an anchor.

What is a Chinese windlass?

a Chinese windlass or differential windlass is two drums of two different diameters turning on the same shaft with the rope unwinding from the smaller drum and winding on the large drum at the same time adding extra mechanical advantage .

What simple machine is windlass?

wheel and axle

How does a windlass work?

A windlass is basically a rotating level. It has a crank that winds rope onto a spool. The spool is geared and able to withstand major amounts of pressure.

What are the mining techniques?

the whim,windlass,stamping baterries

What font is used on the cover of Percy Jackson?


What is a windlass shanty?

A windlass shanty was a working song sung by sailors in the 19th century. This particular shanty was associated with raising and lowering the anchor and other repetitive tasks.

What gold mining tool was made first?

the pick was the first ever mining tool created. it was created to make digging easier for the miners when shaft mining. the windlass was the second created. it was invented for bringing bukets of dirt to the surface and then the buket would be winded back down under ground. the windlass also carried fully grown men.

Is a windlass a compound machine?

Yes, it is because it has a wheel and a axle.

What type of simple machine is a windlass crank?

i think it is a wheel and axle

What type os simple machine is a windlass crank?

wheel and axle

When did gold miners use the shaft and windlass?

1849- California Gold Rush!

What type of font is used on rick Riordan's cover of The Sea of Monsters?


What is a Windlass used for in goldfields?

The windlass was one of the slower methods of mining for gold. Two people were required to operate it, one at the surface and one in the mine shaft. The person in the shaft filled a bucket with potential gold-bearing soil and rocks, and the person on the surface operated the windlass to wind up the bucket. The contents of the bucket were then sorted through, perhaps in a cradle or a pan.

Is a windlass crank a pulley?

yes it is because it helps when pulling things up and down

Is windlass example of wheel and axle?

yes it is, as it has both and works with a wheel, so the answer is YES.

What font Rick Riordan used for his Percy Jackson book covers?

Looks like Windlass.

What are things found in forecastle deck of the ship?

anchor, anchor windlass, mooring lines, seamen. flag

When applying a tourniquet how times is the windlass rod twisted?

Type your answer here... No more than three times